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Campus Directory
Abel, AnnetteAssociate Professor & Regional Academic Director(270) 384-7305
Abel, HollyRegional Academic Director(606) 435-1001
Adams, L. DeanVice President for Student Services and Enrollment Management(270) 384-8036
Adams-Mock, AmandaAssistant Professor(270) 384-8121
Allen, Charlette "Brownie"Custodian(270) 384-2126
Allen, TimDirector of Instrumental Ensembles(270) 384-7337
Antle, RebeccaCustodian(270) 384-8099
Barnes, HoustonTechnical Services Librarian(270) 384-8252
Barnes, SaraApartment Manager(270) 384-8406
Barnett, DevinPublic Safety Officer(270) 384-8106
Barnett, HannahFinancial Aid Receptionist(270) 384-8022
Baumgardner, VickiController(270) 384-8012
Beck, SteveWomen's Basketball Assistant Coach(270) 384-8082
Begley, DavidGrounds Maintenance(270) 384-8099
Begley, John B.Chancellor(270) 384-8400
Begley, JonComputer Support Specialist(270) 384-8016
Benningfield, BillieCustodian(270) 384-8099
Benningfield, JamieVeterans Affairs Coordinator(270) 384-7449
Blair, GregLibrary Assistant - Audio Visual(270) 384-8249
Blair, JimmyCustodian(270) 384-8099
Blakeman, SuzanneAdministrative Assistant(270) 384-8097
Blankenship, DanaResident Director(270) 384-7405
Bluemlein, JasonAssistant Professor(270) 384-8150
Boger, CherylRegional Enrollment Director(606) 416-2248
Boisvert, BethAdministrative Assistant(270) 384-8070
Bonifer, DuaneDirector of Public Relations(270) 384-8212
Booth, BrookeCo-manager(270) 384-2126
Bosela, MichaelAssistant Professor of Biology(270) 384-8192
Bottoms, JimmyHVAC & Electrical Maintenance(270) 384-8099
Bretz, CynthiaNursing Office Associate(270) 384-7352
Brockman, DannyElectrician(270) 384-8099
Brock, RobertAssistant Professor of Theatre(270) 384-7382
Brooks, AndreaAssistant Professor(606) 435-1001
Brooks, StefanAssociate Professor of Political Science(270) 384-8183
Brown, KimberlyAssistant Professor
Bryant, DougGrounds Maintenance(270) 384-8099
Bryant, JudyServer(270) 384-8097
Bryant, KimFinancial Aid Counselor, Work Study Coordinator(270) 384-8008
Bullins, AllisonFreshman Advisor(270) 384-8488
Burgan, MichaelMen's Residence Hall Director(270) 384-8523
Burns, RandyDirector of Alumni Relations(270) 384-8176
Burris, TerriOffice Coordinator(270) 384-8238
Burton, DonniePainter(270) 384-8099
Burton, EddieCustodian(270) 384-8099
Burton, SherrySalad Bar(270) 384-8097
Burwash, DrewWomen's Soccer Head Coach(270) 384-8182
Burwash, LauraDirector of Freshman Year Experience(270) 384-8467
Bush, JohnPlumber(270) 384-8099
Butler, AngelaServer(270) 384-8097
Button, BradyDirector of Lindsey Wilson Fund(270) 384-8511
Button, EmileyInstructor of Nursing(270) 384-7339
Calhoun, DavidAssistant Professor of Religion(270) 384-8581
Callison, JillHuman Resources Assistant(270) 384-8203
Carnall, EmilyAdmissions Counselor(270) 384-8100
Carter, CindyAdjunct Instructor of Mathematics(270) 384-8474
Carter, JohnnyMaintenance(270) 384-8099
Cash, BettyFood Production Manager(270) 384-8097
Chafin, GeraldAssociate Professor of Music(270) 384-8084
Chapman, JackieCarpenter(270) 384-8099
Cho, WansooInstructor of Music(270) 384-7478
Clark, LewisCarpenter(270) 384-8099
Clauson, MelissaAssociate Professor of Biology(270) 384-8229
Coleman, MarkVice President for Administration and Finance(270) 384-8040
Collins, GinaAdmissions Counselor & Special Events Coordinator(270) 384-8100
Conover, JonathonCustodian, Sound Engineer(270) 384-8099
Coomer, ConnieDeli Supervisor(270) 384-8097
Coomer, GarryMaintenance(270) 384-8099
Coomer, SueRegistrar(270) 384-8024
Cooper, AmyBookstore Manager(270) 384-8053
Corbin, SherryCook(270) 384-8097
Crane, JeffDirector of Counseling and Human Development(270) 384-8160
Crane, JodiAssociate Professor and Director of the Appalachian Play Therapy Center (270) 384-8155
Crawhorn, CharlieGrounds and Landscaping Assistant(270) 384-8099
Crowe, LisaAssistant Professor of Accounting(270) 384-8124
Crump, DennisInstructor of Religion(270) 579-1759
Cundiff, JenniferAdministrative Assistant and Office Manager(270) 384-8030
Cundiff, KrystalUpward Bound Counselor/Coordinator(270) 384-8059
Curry, TimAssociate Professor of Computer Information Systems(270) 384-8142
Daffron, WadeLibrary Assistant - Government Documents(270) 384-8255
Davenport, BillInstructor of Religion(270) 384-8579
Davenport, BonnieAssociate Professor of Mathematics(270) 384-8075
Davis, HeatherInstructor of Religion(270) 384-8473
Davis, MelodyAdmissions Associate(270) 384-8100
Dillery, D. ScottAssociate Professor of Mathematics(270) 384-8105
Doan, MelissaAssistant Professor(606) 837-2282
Dudley, SheliaCustodian(270) 384-8099
Duffy, KyleProgrammer Analyst(270) 384-7342
Duncan, KevinNetwork Administrator(270) 384-8017
Dunphy, MarkProfessor of English(270) 384-8083
Eastham, TamaraMSN, RN Instructor of Nursing(270) 384-7440
Eferstein, Al R.Assistant Professor of Business(270) 384-8093
Ellis, GeorgiaRegional Enrollment Director(270) 484-5070
Ellis, TabithaInstructor(270) 384-8195
Elmore, TroyInstructor of Religion, Chaplain(270) 384-8144
England, Rogercondiments(270) 384-8097
Ennis, LarryAssociate Professor of Education(270) 384-8168
Fall, MamadouRegional Enrollment Director(502) 380-7037
Farmer, ToddAssistant Professor(270) 384-7331
Feese, BryanPlumber(270) 384-8099
Ferguson, Charity MilbyDirector of Admissions(270) 384-8100
Ferguson, MollyAssistant Professor(270) 384-7461
Ferguson, RobertWeb Administrator(270) 384-7396
Foos, SaraAdmissions Counselor(270) 384-8100
Ford, CindyCustodian(270) 384-8099
Ford, DianeCustodian(270) 384-8099
Ford, Leigh AnnAssistant Professor(859) 338-8024
Ford, MyraDirector of Human Services(270) 384-8153
Ford, RonaldMaintenance(270) 384-8099
Ford, SabrinaCustodian(270) 384-8099
Franklin, ElizabethCashier/Customer Service Representative(270) 384-8010
Frederick, JonAssistant Professor of Psychology(270) 384-7451
Froedge, ClaudiaAssistant Registrar(270) 384-8519
Fudge, DeniseVice President for Educational Outreach and Student Financial Services(270) 384-8040
Fugate, BethanyCounselor, Project Success(270) 384-7431
Furkin, JenniferFreshman Advisor(270) 384-8490
Gaines, KayRegistered Nurse(270) 384-8238
Gallo, MonaAssociate Professor, Resident Faculty Supervisor, Lexington(859) 312-0901
Garner, MarettaTutor Coordinator(270) 384-8037
Garvey, C. RoseAssociate Professor of Accounting(270) 384-8063
Gerber, LaurieAssistant Athletic Trainer(270) 384-8064
Gibson, JoshAdmissions Counselor(270) 384-8100
Giles, JodyAssistant Professor(270) 384-8150
Gilles, JaquelynAssistant Professor(502) 694-0477
Giordano, MichaelAssistant Professor of Criminal Justice(270) 384-8593
Glover, Tina MarieAssistant Professor/Resident Faculty Supervisor(270) 352-3459
Goguen, DavidAssociate Professor of Journalism, Chair, Division of Applied and Interdisciplinary Studies(270) 384-8241
Gold, HarrietDirector of Information Services(270) 384-8017
Gooden, TevieData Analyst(270) 384-3332
Grant, CathyBaker(270) 384-8097
Gregory, KalvinAssistant Professor of Chemistry(270) 384-7462
Grider, LindaDir of Community Education & Outreach(270) 384-7385
Gunberg, EdwinAssistant Professor(270) 384-8121
Hadley, ClaudisCustodian(270) 384-8099
Hagan, RickAssistant Professor of Computer Information Systems(270) 384-8128
Hamlett, KimLibrary Assistant - Interlibrary Loan(270) 384-8253
Hamlett, MichealManager of Auxillary Services(270) 384-8097
Hancock, AshleyInstructor of Nursing(270) 384-7445
Hanna, PhilDirector of Library Services(270) 384-8250
Hart, AlexMen's Residence Hall Director(270) 384-8216
Haugen, ReginaDirector of AIM/Evening College(270) 384-8300
Hilker, BrianAssistant Professor of Chemistry(270) 384-7347
Holt, DorthyCatering Cook(270) 384-8097
Hopkins, JayneDirector of Student Activities(270) 384-8033
Howery, John E Associate Professor of Business(270) 384-8127
Humphrey, ToddApartment Manager(270) 384-8682
Hunley, RitchieDirector, Project Success(270) 384-7317
Hunt, Charles DougCustodian(270) 384-8099
Irvin, Jodi MacKenzieCustodian (270) 384-8099
Isanda, EmmanuelProgrammer Analyst(270) 384-7334
Janes, CatherineCook(270) 384-8097
Jones, MarkMaintenance(270) 384-8099
Karnes, BradleyPublic Safety Officer(270) 384-8106
Karnes, CherylAdmissions Associate(270) 384-8100
Karnes, DarrellPublic Safety Officer(270) 384-8106
Keaton, DouglasInstructor of Energy Technology Career(270) 384-8066
Keith, BrendaCustodian(270) 384-8099
Kemnitz, AliciaDirector of Aquatics(270) 384-7380
Kessler, LindaMathematics Center Supervisor(270) 384-8115
Koger, DanAssociate Professor of Communication(270) 384-7311
Kotter, DerekInstructor of Spanish(270) 384-7463
Krell, ViktoriaAssistant Director of the International Student Program and Apartment Manager(270) 384-2409
Lafollette, KimAssistant Professor(502) 541-1289
LaGrange, JohnAssistant Professor of Mathematics(270) 384-7376
Lambert, WarrenAssistant Professor(502) 653-9019
Lanz, CodyCustodian(270) 384-8099
Larimore, MichelleAssistant Director of Student Financial Services(270) 384-8020
Lee, CurtAssistant Professor of Religion(270) 384-7322
Leveridge, KendraAdmissions Counselor(270) 384-8100
Luckey, EliseCo-Director of the Bonner Scholar Program, Begley Scholar Adviser(270) 384-8688
Luckey, William T.President(270) 384-8001
Lucus, Gerald
Ludden, DavidAssociate Professor of Psychology(270) 384-8080
Martin, BenFreshman Advisor, Learning and Physical Disabilities Officer(270) 384-7479
Martin, KellyComputer Technician(270) 384-8017
Mattingly, HollyAssistant Professor(270) 331-2043
Mays, MendyAssistant Professor(606) 796-2682
Mays, Sally Student Accounts Representative(270) 384-8011
McAllister, AndyAssistant Dean of Students(270) 384-8036
McAlpine, Misuzu "Suzy"Director of International Student Programs(270) 384-8236
McAlpine, TimProfessor of English(270) 384-8081
McCarter, PatriceAssistant Professor(513) 317-4984
McCubbins, TylerAdmissions Counselor(270) 384-8100
McDonald, BrittanyPublic Services Librarian(270) 384-8251
McGuinness, DebbieWomen's Soccer Head Coach(270) 384-8698
McKinnon, MarkAssistant Professor of Physics(270) 384-8092
Meyer, DavidAssociate Professor, Art(270) 384-2126
Miller, AshleyDirector of Career Services(270) 384-8065
Miller, BeverlyCustodian(270) 384-8099
Miller, ChrisHead Athletic Trainer(270) 384-8239
Mingus, CheriseBonner Scholar Coordinator(270) 384-7469
Minton, SusanAssociate Professor of Communication(270) 384-8141
Mollis, KaraAssociate Professor of English(270) 384-8233
Montgomery, JackieAssociate Dean(270) 384-8171
Mooney, CharlesAdmissions Counselor(270) 384-8100
Moore, AnthonyDirector of Information Systems(270) 384-7398
Moore, DavidProfessor of History(270) 384-8077
Moore, JoeAssistant Director(270) 384-8017
Moore, SandyStudent Records Associate(279) 384-8025
Mulugeta, MakedaInstructor of Nursing(270) 384-7441
Munday, MikeMaintenance(270) 384-8099
Neal, TaftGrounds/Landscaping(270) 384-8099
Neat, RitaDatabase Manager and Accounts Payable Associate(270) 384-7309
Newton, CandyCo-manager(270) 384-2126
Newton, MikeDirector of Physical Plant Operations(270) 384-8099
Nissley, LauraAssistant Professor of Biology(270) 384-8229
Odd, JaredLWC Writing Center Coordinator(270) 384-8208
Oldham, GavinMen's Soccer Assistant Coach(270) 384-8694
Oliver, ChrisFootball Head Coach(270) 384-8524
Overstreet, JoshSupervisor(270) 384-8097
Panko, JoAnnAssistant Food Service Director and Catering Director(270) 384-8097
Parnell, LandonPublic Safety Officer(270) 384-8106
Parrigin, JenniferPhillips Hall Resident Director(270) 384-8051
Parsons, JeffreyDirector of Teaching and Technology Effectiveness(270) 250-9312
Patel, KhyatiWomen's Area Coordinator(270) 384-8375
Patterson, SueAssistant Professor(270) 384-8121
Patton, GaryAssociate Professor(304) 654-2778
Peck, PaulMen's Basketball Head Coach(270) 384-8072
Pelston, BartCustodial Supervisor(270) 384-8117
Pelston, LisaCustodian(270) 384-8099
Pendleton, SheilaCustodian(270) 384-8099
Pennington, Mackie JoCustodian(270) 384-8099
Peterson, JoelDirector of HWC(270) 384-7380
Phelps, GregProfessor of Communication(270) 384-8234
Phillips, DanielAssociate Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice(270) 384-8231
Phillips, RebeccaAssistant Athletic Trainer(270) 384-8238
Phillips, SherryCashier(270) 384-8097
Pike, BrittanyOffice Manager(270) 384-8254
Pooler, TraciDean of Admissions(270) 384-8100
Pooler, WillisDirector of Athletics(270) 384-8186
Popplewell, VenusDirector of Advertising and Creative Services(270) 384-8189
Potter, CourtneyInstructor of Religion(270) 384-8581
Pourheydarian, MohammadProfessor of Business(270) 384-8149
Price, ChadCustodian and Vehicle Maintenance Technician(270) 384-8099
Price, DonnaPayroll Clerk/Human Resource Assistant(270) 384-7407
Pryor, KellyOffice Manager(270) 384-7419
Radford, MarilynDirector of Student Financial Services(270) 384-8022
Ratliff, MichaelAssociate Professor of Mathematics(270) 384-8110
Redford, CarrieFinancial Aid Technical Associate(270) 384-8699
Redmon, DellaCook(270) 384-8097
Redmon, KimberlyCook(270) 384-8097
Reynolds, RobertProfessor of Music(270) 384-8086
Richards, GayPapa Johns(270) 384-8097
Robertson, KerryAssociate Professor of English(270) 384-8088
Rosenthal, KimberlyBusiness Office Associate(270) 384-8509
Ruff, CoreyWrestling Head Coach(270) 384-8527
Saragas, Tommie AnnRegional Enrollment Director(606) 435-1001
Sargent, BeverlyCook(270) 384-8097
Saunier-Arnold, MelissaAssociate Professor of Education(270) 384-8584
Schmidt, ChristopherDean of Students(270) 384-8036
Schmidt, RebeccaCoordinator of Technical Support Services(270) 384-8017
Schnopp-Wyatt, DanielAssociate Professor(270) 384-8121
Schnopp-Wyatt, NicoleRegional Academic Director(304) 633-4037
Schwartz, RodneyAdjunct Instructor of Mathematics(270) 384-8105
Scott, StevenProfessor of Psychology(270) 384-8180
Senters, MelindaAssistant Professor of History(270) 384-8094
Sexton, BensonInstructor of Communication(270) 384-7384
Shafe, MarieAssociate Professor(270) 384-8121
Shanklin, TipProfessor of English(270) 384-8085
Shaw, BrookeStudent Services Administrative Assistant(270) 384-8036
Shields-Smock, SharonAssistant to the Registrar(270) 384-8525
Sinclair, NancyExecutive Assistant to the President(270) 384-8001
Smith, AllisonAssistant Professor of English(270) 384-8158
Smith, CherylAssistant Professor, Resident Faculty Supervisor(270) 384-8121
Smith, MarianChair Division of Nursing and Assistant Professor of Nursing(270) 384-7442
Smith, RandyAssistant Director of Plant Operations(270) 384-8099
Smith, RobinService Center Director(270) 384-8126
Smith, RuthPhysical Plant Operations Secretary(270) 384-8099
Smith, TimProfessor of Art(270) 384-8079
Smith, TravisMedia Producer(270) 384-8177
Sohn, Ji SeunAssistant Professor of Criminal Justice(270) 384-7453
Spears, JudyCustodian(270) 384-8099
Spencer, DeamonMaintenance(270) 384-8099
Staples, MarkAssistant Professor(270) 384-8121
Stapleton, CraigMaintenance(270) 384-8097
Starks, ChrisChris Starks(270) 384-8513
Starr, BettieVice President for Academic Affairs(270) 384-8030
Staten, MichaelDirector of Public Safety and Security(270) 384-8106
Steakin, HaleyAccounts Payable Clerk(270) 384-8098
Steakin, RickyAssistant Director of HWC(270) 384-7380
Stewart, Elmer J.Professor of Biology(270) 384-8090
Streeter, AnneAssistant Professor of Communication(270) 384-7466
Swan, Asa JamesAssistant Professor of History(270) 384-8132
Swan, CindaInstructor of Religion(270) 384-8579
Swan, TerryProfessor of Religion, Dean of the Chapel(270) 384-8148
Talley, DanaAdmissions Counselor and Office Manager(270) 384-8100
Talley, MikeBaseball Head Coach(270) 384-8074
Tarter, Stefanie
Taylor, DarinCustodian(270)384-8099
Thifault, PaulAssistant Prof. of English(270) 384-8187
Thomas, JerryAssociate Professor of Communication(270) 384-8140
Thomas, RudyUpward Bound Director(270) 384-8067
Thompson, Kevin A.Vice President for Development(270) 384-8046
Thompson-Wells, AmyDirector of Civic Engagement and Student Leadership, Co-Director of the Bonner Scholar Program(270) 384-8689
Trumpis, BarbaraServer(270) 384-8097
Vickous, NatalieGraduate Assistant - Career Services and Bonner Program(270) 384-8065
Vitatoe, RyanDirector of Enrollment for the School of Professional Counseling(606) 344-1204
Wais-Hennen, ErinAssistant Professor, English(270) 384-8119
Wallen, SheliaRegional Enrollment Director(606) 416-2135
Warner, LindaDevelopment Associate(270) 384-8516
Weddle, CarolCampus Pastor and instructor at Lindsey Wilson College(270) 465-1813
Wells, ChrisAssistant Athletic Director(270) 384-8071
Wells, RayMen's Soccer Head Coach(270) 384-8069
Wethington, JessicaAdmissions Counselor(270) 384-8100
Wethington, JohnWomen's Basketball Head Coach(270) 384-8073
White, BarryVehicle Maintenance(270) 384-8099
Williamson, DanielAssociate Professor(270) 384-8151
Williamson, JenniferAssociate Professor & Director of the Institute for Advanced Study(270) 384-8150
Williams, Rickie L.Instructor of Mathematics(270) 384-8087
Willis, DonnieVending(270) 384-8097
Willis, JeffDirector of Business Services and Director of Food Services(270) 384-8097
Willis, JordanDirector of Residence Life & Men's Area Coordinator(270) 384-8521
Wiseley, CurtisDirector of Counseling Services(270) 384-8475
Wright, JoshAssistant Athletic Trainer(270) 384-7468
Wright, KarenHuman Resource Director(270) 384-7313
Young, Linda
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