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Academic Load

Undergraduate Load

The minimum academic load for a regular fall or spring semester that qualifies a student for full-time status and financial assistance is 12 semester hours.  Incoming freshmen cannot register for more than 17 credit hours their first semester.

All students are restricted to pre-registering for a maximum of 17 hours.  Between semesters or during the first week of classes, additional hours up to a total of 18 can be added to a student's fall or spring schedule using a Drop/Add form if the following requirement is met:

  • Second semester freshmen and all sophomores and juniors are required to earn a 3.0 GPA the previous term.
  • Seniors must have earned a 2.75 GPA the previous term.


Summer Load

A maximum load for one of the seven-week AIM terms during the summer is usually six hours.  Students attending for the fourteen-week full summer term may take twelve hours.  Preregistration is restricted to twelve hours; students who meet GPA requirements defined in this policy may register for an additional three hours of classes with permission from the Academic Affairs office. 


Load for Three-Week Terms

Students are normally limited to no more than three semester hours for any three-week term.


Graduate Load

The minimum academic load for full-time graduate status is nine semester hours.  The usual semester load is 12 hours.  Programs that operate on a year-round schedule with three equal terms normally require 9 hours per term.


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