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Records Maintained by the College

A number of offices and departments maintain records on students, including the following: 

  • Admissions:  All materials submitted on behalf of applicants are maintained by the Admissions office.  Upon final registration, these files are transferred to the Registrar's office.
  • Academic:  Once a student enrolls, all academic records are maintained by the Registrar's office.  Transcripts are permanent College records.  Records of academic discipline are held by the Academic Affairs office for five years following the last date of enrollment.
  • Advising:  First-Year Experience Advisors and faculty advisors maintain advising folders on their advisees which may include notes on meetings, copies of the student's schedule, Add/Drop forms, unofficial high school and college transcripts, etc.  These folders may be in paper or electronic format.
  • Financial Aid:  All information submitted and collected for the evaluation and disbursement of financial aid is maintained by the Student Financial Services office.  Federal Perkins Loan files are under the control of the Vice President for Educational Outreach & Student Financial Services.
  • Student Accounts:  Records of student accounts with the College are maintained by the Business office and are under the control of the Vice President for Administration & Finance.
  • Career Services:  Materials made available by the student for career placement, along with materials collected in the course of career planning consultations, are maintained by the Career Services office.
  • Disciplinary:  Judicial records will be maintained by the office authorized to determine the propriety of the conduct in question.  Records of suspension from residence halls and suspension or dismissal from the College are permanent.  Files developed in cases in which a lesser sanction has been imposed will be retained for a period of one year after graduation or four years after the date of the action, unless the sanction specifies that it should be retained for a longer period.  Judicial records of a student who has voluntarily withdrawn from the College shall be destroyed after two consecutive years of such withdrawal, unless the records include sanctions of suspension from residence halls or suspension or dismissal from the College.  In those cases, the records are permanent.
  • Judicial:  These records may be inspected by College officials who have a professional justification for such information.  Under no circumstances shall any personally identifiable information be released by anyone to any individual, agency, or organization without prior written consent of the student or as provided by law. 
  • Other Non-Academic Records:  Information about co-curricular activities and awards, on-campus residence, and materials gathered for individual student consultations are maintained by the Student Services office.
  • Health and Counseling Records:  These records are covered by additional regulations and are not available for student review.  However, students may request that an appropriate professional of their choice be allowed to inspect these records.  Health records are kept by the College Nurse, and counseling records are kept only by the individual(s) consulted by the student.


Questions and Challenges

Students have the right to question the accuracy of their records.  The appropriate person in any of the offices listed below will answer questions and interpret information in the files under his/her jurisdiction:

  • Academic Records (classes, grades, etc.):  See Student Academic Complaint Policy or refer to The Student Handbook
  • Co-Curricular Records (activities, career development, discipline, etc.):  Vice President for Student Services & Enrollment Management
  • Financial Aid Records:  Vice President for Educational Outreach & Student Financial Services
  • Student Account Records:  Vice President for Administration & Finance 

If a student believes, after talking with the appropriate officer, that an error exists in the records, he or she may file a written request for a formal hearing.   The hearing will be conducted by a panel appointed by the President of the College.


Further Information

The above policies and procedures are designed in coordination or compliance with the requirements of FERPA.  Copies of the complete College policy on records and implementation of FERPA regulations are available for review in the College library and Student Services office. Students may also request additional explanation and interpretation of the policy.


Personal Information Privacy Policy

Protecting the privacy of students, vendors, and all individuals and entities doing business with Lindsey Wilson College is very important to the College.  This Privacy Policy Notice explains the type of information we may have about particular persons and the type of information we sometimes share with others, as well as the type of information we will not share.

  • Categories of Nonpublic Personal Information Collected by the College
    • Information received on applications or other forms.
    • Information received from external governmental, financial, testing, or other organizations.
    • Information received in processing accounts with us and the transactions in those accounts.
  • Categories of Nonpublic Information Disclosed by the College
    • Information provided to the College required for verification of financial aid eligibility.
    • Information regarding accounts that needs to be available to third-party contractors for collection of delinquent account balances or loans due the College or governmental loan programs.
    • Information requested by an authorized law enforcement process or court order.


Disclosure of Information to Affiliated and Nonaffiliated Third Parties

The College may disclose certain nonpublic personal information to nonaffiliated third parties as permitted by law.  The third party must adhere to the privacy principles pertaining to such information with regard to confidentiality.  The exchange of information with these entities is deemed important in order to maximize the accuracy and detail of information reported. Information is provided in the following instances:

  • The student requests the information be sent.
  • Disclosure is required by law.

The College believes that the security and accuracy of nonpublic personal information are confidential and should only be made available to persons who have a need for the information to provide services properly, to act upon a request from a student, or to fulfull the employee's job responsibility.

Any concerns for the security or accuracy of personal information should be directed to the College's Privacy Compliance Officer by phone at (270) 384-8023 or in writing at Lindsey Wilson College, 210 Lindsey Wilson Street, Columbia, KY 42728. 


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