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1003 -- Christian Beliefs -- 3 credit hours
A survey of Christian thought, beliefs, and traditions through the ages.  Doctrines concerning the nature of God, the fall of man, sin, Jesus Christ, atonement, and salvation are discussed.  The Church of the Middle Ages, the Reformation, the Puritan Age, and the contemporary Church are examined.  Key figures in Christian thought from St. Augustine to Mother Teresa are introduced.  Course rotation: All semesters.

1013 -- Old Testament -- 3 credit hours
A survey of the Old Testament dealing with its making, meaning, and literature; designed to lead to an appreciation of its content and application.  Course Rotation: All semesters.

1023 -- New Testament -- 3 credit hours
A survey of the New Testament dealing with its making, meaning, and literature; designed to apply teachings of the New Testament to present times.  Course rotation: All semesters.

1203 -- World Religions -- 3 credit hours
A survey of the varieties of religious beliefs, emphasizing the relationship of the world's great religions to one another and to society.  Course rotation: All semesters.

2113 -- Gospel, Church & Culture -- 3 credit hours
This course examines trends of postmodern culture while preparing missional leaders for effectiveness in Christian ministry amid the ideologies and cultural milieu of contemporary society.  The nature and mission of the Church and its witness and service to the world is examined in light of the diverse cultural values encountered in the various cross-cultural contexts within our society. Focus will be given to renewed efforts at effective cultural engagement with the Christian gospel in multi-cultural contexts.  Course rotation:  Fall.

3103 -- Christian Ministry -- 3 credit hours
An introductory study of the nature of the church and its mission.  Students will be exposed to the various issues and literature in the field of Christian Ministries with special emphasis on discipleship.  Prerequisites: Sophomore standing and RELI 1003.  Course rotation: All semesters.

3113 -- Youth Ministry -- 3 credit hours
Consideration of the nature and needs of adolescents from junior high through the college years.  Philosophy of youth ministry objectives, organizations, and methods are studied with emphasis on effective ministry to reach and develop youth to their fullest potential.  Prerequisite: RELI 1003.  Course rotation: Spring.

3123 -- Worship -- 3 credit hours
Understanding Christian worship and church music through consideration to its biblical and historical backgrounds and through observation of its current practice.  Experience in planning and conducting worship in a variety of settings.  Also listed as MUSI 3123.  Prerequisite: RELI 1003.  Course rotation: Spring.

3133 -- The Gospels -- 3 credit hours
A study of the basic teachings of Jesus in the synoptic gospels and the Gospel of John in light of critical studies.  Prerequisite: RELI 1003.  Course rotation: Spring even years.

3143 -- New Testament Letters -- 3 credit hours
A historical study of the spread of Christianity into Asia and Europe as seen in the life and writings of the apostles.  Prerequisite:  RELI 1003.  Course rotation: Fall odd years.

3153 -- Age-Level Ministry -- 3 credit hours
An examination of the periods of childhood through adulthood from the perspective of ministry needs, developmental tasks, and spiritual formation.  Attention is given to the principles of moral and spiritual development of children and programs to integrate all persons into the community of faith.  Prerequisites:  RELI 1003 and RELI 3103.  Course rotation: Fall.

3163 -- Children's Ministry -- 3 credit hours
The purpose of this course is to educate and train leaders in various aspects of children's ministry including effective teaching methods, program organization, age-level development, volunteer recruitment and training, service on a church staff, and ministry to families.

3203 -- Christian Education -- 3 credit hours
Study of the historical, Biblical, theoretical, and psychological concepts central to the field of educational ministry. Reference to various applications in children's, youth, and adult ministries will be included.  Course rotation: All semesters.

3213 -- Pentateuch/Historical Books -- 3 credit hours
An analysis of the general content and spiritual teachings of the Torah as well as the historical books from Joshua to Esther.  Prerequisite: RELI 1003.  Course rotation: Spring even years.

3253 -- Poetical Books/Prophets -- 3 credit hours
A study of wisdom literature and the prophetic writings of the Old Testament.  Prerequisite: RELI 1003. C ourse rotation: Spring even years.

3273 -- Women in Religion -- 3 credit hours
Drawing on the insights of Biblical theology, history, and cross-cultural studies, this course examines the places of women in society and in the church -- both as they are and should and could be.  Explores the views of female/male roles in the church over the centuries.  Critically examines feminist thought and experiences of women with Christianity as well as other religions.

3293 -- Contextual Ministry -- 3 credit hours
This course prepares students for ministry in a multicultural society.  It is designed to provide historical, theological, sociological, and ethical foundations for ministry in diverse cultures.  Special attention will focus on ministries of evangelism, discipleship, and social justice, including an examination of various models of ministry to persons in recovery and others on the margins of society.  Prerequisites: RELI 1003, RELI 2113 and RELI 3103.  Course rotation: Spring odd years.

3413 -- Christian Apologetics -- 3 credit hours

A basic introduction to a rational defense for the historic and apostolic claims of the Christian faith.  Attention is focused on the classic arguments for the existence of God, the reliability of the Bible, and the historical evidence for the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth.  Contemporary issues in the area of Christian apologetics within a postmodern, secular culture are examined.  Course rotation:  Spring even years.

3423 -- Discipleship -- 3 credit hours
This course covers the primary philosophy and methodology for making Christian disciples and examines problems, possibilities and processes for building a disciple-making culture in the local church.  Special attention is given to the integration of biblical and theological principles of discipleship for cross-cultural applications in a postmodern world.  Course rotation:  Fall.

3503 - Christian Theology - 3 credit hours
An advanced course in the primary doctrines of the Christian faith.  Prerequisite: RELI 1003.  Course rotation: Spring.

4103 -- Spiritual Formation -- 3 credit hours
An examination of the theological and practical dimensions of spiritual life with an emphasis on prayer, solitude and social responsibility.  The history of spirituality and great Christian spiritual writers, past and present will be examined.  Prerequisite: RELI 1003.  Course rotation: Spring.

4393 -- Psychology of Religion -- 3 credit hours
Presents psychological, philosophical, and the theoretical factors associated with religious practice.  Prerequisite: PSYC 1003.  Course rotation: Winter.

4403 -- Recreational Ministries -- 3 credit hours
Objectives, principles, methods, organizations, and administration of church recreation and camping.  Emphasizes the building of a sound recreational program along with the various facets of Christian camping.  Prerequisite: RELI 1003.  Course rotation: Fall.

4413 -- Missional Leadership -- 3 credit hours
A course that combines biblical theology, sociological foundations, and principles of leadership development to equip students for effective ministry in missional contexts, including church plants, urban ministries, cross-cultural missions, and related ministry systems in a postmodern culture.  Prerequisites:  RELI 1003, RELI 2113 and RELI 3103.  Course rotation: Spring.

4553 -- Wesleyan Studies -- 3 credit hours
A survey of Methodist theology, history and practice from the time of John Wesley to the present.  It integrates theology and practice of ministry by showing the impact and relevance of Wesleyanism for the contemporary church.  Prerequisites:  RELI 1003 and RELI 3103.  Course rotation: Fall of odd years.

4603 -- Homiletics -- 3 credit hours
A consideration of the essential qualifications of a preacher; the need for preaching; and proper preparation of sermon material, including discovery and arrangement of ideas, and the effective presentation and reception of the message.  Prerequisite: Minimum grade of C in COMM 2103.  Course rotation: Varies.

48X1 -- Ministry Seminar -- 1 credit hour
Special topics courses in various areas of ministry.  Prerequisite: RELI 1003.  Course rotation: All semesters. 

4933-4943 -- Practicum I, II -- 3 credit hours
Provides exposure to ministry as a vocation. Students participate in two, 120-clock hour practica under skilled supervision.  Corequisite or Prerequisite: Second semester junior standing.  Course rotation: All semesters.

4950 -- Senior Practicum III -- 1-3 credit hours
An additional 120-clock hour practicum experience in the field of church work.  Course rotation: All semesters.


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