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1313 -- Introduction to Theatre Arts -- 3 credit hours
A study of methods of play-making from page to stage, with emphasis on the director, actor, designer, and playwright.  The history of selected periods of drama is explored to develop a critical appreciation for live performance.  General Education: Core -- Engaged Local & Global Citizenship.

1323 -- Fundamentals of Acting -- 3 credit hours
An introduction to the theory and practice of acting.  Students explore interacting and reacting in improvisation with special consideration given to concentration, motivation, and relaxation.  The course will also include a beginning look at vocal production and text analysis and will conclude with performance of scenes and/or monologues.  General Education: Core -- Communication.

1341 -- Practicum -- 1 credit hour   
Guided participation in theatre productions in performance, stage management, crew work on sets, props, lights, costumes, and make-up.  A minimum of 40 hours.  May be repeated once for credit.  Course rotation: Every semester.

1413 -- Technical Theatre -- 3 credit hours
The study of the basic elements of technical theater, with application to selected examples of dramatic literature.  Specifically considered will be the fundamentals of set and property construction, lighting and sound technology, makeup, and backstage organization.  Problem-solving techniques for specific play productions will be emphasized.  

2323 -- Acting II -- 3 credit hours
An advanced acting course to develop the actor's ability to create a character.  Performance of extended scenes or one-acts will offer challenges in interpretation and vocal and physical embodiment.  Audition preparation will be stressed.  Prerequisite: THEA 1323 or instructor's permission.

2413 -- Children's Theatre -- 3 credit hours
This course will explore various aspects of children's theater, and students will put on a play that will be performed for area schools.  May be repeated once for credit.  

2423 -- Theatre Design -- 3 credit hours
Basic principles and practices of designing for the stage, including the scenic, lighting, and costume elements of a theatrical production.  Emphasis placed on design procedures, research techniques and materials, period styles, design history, drafting, and application of design concepts to specific plays.

2433 -- Directing I -- 3 credit hours
The course will explore the basic elements of directing, including play analysis, techniques for working with actors, and play production.  Emphasis will be on exercises to develop skills in creating stage pictures, movement, design, pacing, casting, and holding auditions.  The course will culminate in the development of a Director's Prompt Book.  Prerequisite:  THEA 1313 or instructor's permission.  General Education: Intermediate -- Inquiry & Analysis; Intermediate -- Application & Integration of Knowledge.

2513 -- Voice & Movement -- 3 credit hours
Introduces students to various techniques and skills to develop body and vocal awareness, physical expressiveness, and vocal production.

3081 -- Advanced Topics in Theatre Production -- 1 credit hour
This course will coordinate with the TheatreFest! (the summer theater offering at Lindsey Wilson College).  Students will work in every aspect of theater production: performance, set construction, props, costumes, marketing, public relations, etc.  Students will also choose a project (a dramaturgical response to one of the plays of TheatreFest!, a marketing plan, a stage manager's prompt book, character analysis, etc.) and present an oral report at the conclusion of the course.  May be repeated once for credit.  Prerequisite:  Instructor's permission.

3323 -- Acting III -- 3 credit hours
Advanced-level course in acting.  Students will develop skills in various styles and genres of theater.  Performance of extended scenes from classical plays will give students an opportunity to work with poise, tempo, and vocal variation.  Resume preparation will be stressed.  Prerequisite: THEA 2323.

3333 -- Playwriting -- 3 credit hours
A practical course in writing a one-act play.  The students will develop a script from an idea or scenario through various rewrites, concluding with a final version to be given a Reader's Theater style reading.  General Education: Intermediate -- Communication.

3423 -- Dramatic Literature Survey -- 3 credit hours
A survey of dramatic literature from ancient Greece to the present.  Selected plays will be  studied in their historical and cultural contexts with attention to performance history.  Prerequisite: THEA 1313.  General Education: Mastery -- Communication; Mastery -- Engaged Local & Global Citizenship.

3433 -- Directing II -- 3 credit hours
Advanced elements of directing with emphasis on various spatial arrangements, directing period styles, developing effective rehearsal techniques, and collaboration.  This course will culminate in the student directing a one-act play.   Prerequisite:  THEA 2433.  

3453 -- Advanced Design for Theatre -- 3 credit hours

Advanced level design course with intensive study of a specific area of theatrical design selected from the following areas:  scenic, lighting, sound, or make-up.  May be repeated for credit in a different design area.  Specific area offered on a rotating basis and/or upon student request and faculty availability. Prerequisites: THEA 2423 and instructor's permission.

3613 -- A Cry of Players -- 3 credit hours

An intensive acting course aimed at producing a piece of theater.  Students will work together on a production directed by the instructor.  This course may be repeated once for credit.  Prerequisites:  Audition and instructor's permission.

3623 -- Theatre History -- 3 credit hours
A survey of theater history from classical to contemporary theater with attention to the theatrical forms of Asia, India, and Africa.  General Education: Intermediate -- Communication; Intermediate -- Engaged Local & Global Citizenship.

3800 -- Special Topics in Theatre -- 1-3 credit hours

An in-depth study of a particular topic in theater.  Possible subjects include Shakespeare, theatrical make-up, Asian theater forms, stage combat, mask-work, dialects, etc.  

4903 -- Senior Seminar -- 3 credit hours
Capstone course in theatrer for intensive and independent study (with faculty supervision) of a major area of theater, such as playwriting, acting, directing, designing, or dramaturgy, culminating in a public performance as appropriate to the subject.  Prerequisite:  Senior status.  General Education: Mastery -- Inquiry & Analysis; Mastery -- Application & Integration of Knowledge.

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