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Academic Standing

Student Rank

A students academic rank or classification is determined by the number of hours earned indicated as follows:

1-23 Freshman
24-54 Sophomore
55-90 Junior
91+ Senior

Minimum Acceptable Academic Progress

A students academic performance will be reviewed fall and springs semesters based on GPA. Normal academic progress, based on grade point average, will be determined after each semester based on cumulative hours attempted. Minimum academic progress, based upon hours earned, will be determined at the end of the spring term. As student must meet minimum acceptable academic progress by complying with the standard in order to achieve and/or maintain good academic standing. Any student with a .0 to .5 term GPA may be suspended.

Note: Compliance with standards of minimum acceptable academic progress does not imply that students meet program criteria applicable to particular major fields. In addition, student athletes must adhere to the standards of their individual sports program in order to maintain athletic eligibility.

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