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Master of Education for Rank II Change


5102 - Seminar 1 - 2 credit hours
Candidates preview the subsequent curriculum, come to understand the program assessment process, study their Code of Ethics, and initiate their responsibilities for setting up their two Capstone Projects in Seminar II. These two projects not only reflect all the M.Ed. coursework, they also provide the candidates with opportunities to impact P-12 learners.

5214 - Teacher Leadership - 4 credit hours
Candidates examine the history, current trends, and future of teachers as leaders in P-12 public schools. Special attention is given to the teacher as a collaborative, reflective, data-driven leader and decision makers. Critical issues, challenges, and ethics that the teachers as leaders face within the school are examined. Instructional opportunities are structured into the course to evaluate the candidates' abilities to integrate and apply the knowledge base presented in this course with authentic applications in the education profession.

5324 - Technology in Schools - 4 credit hours
This course acquaints candidates with curriculum materials, teaching methods and techniques of integrating instructional technology into the curriculum. Strong emphasis is placed on information literacy as it is applied to technology and learning to meet both the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) and Kentucky Experienced Teacher Standard 10. This course also incorporates Assessment Point 2.

5434 - Assessment Practices in Kentucky Public Schools - 4 credit hours
Candidates examine the construction and use of criterion-referenced and norm referenced testing instruments administered to Kentucky students. This class addresses how teachers analyze and use test results to improve student performances. Candidates develop assessments using state testing formats (on demand writing, open response questions with scoring rubrics, Depth of Knowledge, formative and summative assessments) as well as understand the No Child Left behind (NCLB) and the Kentucky Performance Reports (KPR).

5544 - Classroom Management Skills for Practicing Teachers - 4 credit hours
Candidates study, analyze, and apply selected P-12 practices and techniques relating to effective classroom and school management. Candidates also examine, discuss, and apply safe school concepts, cooperative communication, and other classroom management ideas that have been demonstrated as effective by prominent educators.

5654 - Exceptional Children in Mainstreamed Classrooms - 4 credit hours
Candidates study various strategies, concepts, and methods teachers can use when they are working with Special Education and Gifted and Talented young people - often in the same classrooms. Attention is given to both successful theories and practices that can apply to P-12 teachers in rural Kentucky, including but not limited to team-teaching, cooperative learning, differentiated instruction, and computer aided instruction methods.

5764 - The Challenge of Diversity - 4 credit hours
Candidates learn strategies to understand and work with at-risk students. All types of at-risk behavior are covered with attention given to teaching/learning behaviors of those students. The nature of this class helps candidates demonstrate ways to work with all types of diversity in their classrooms.

5874 - Seminar II - 4 credit hours
Candidates review all the M.Ed. coursework, and then present their two Capstone Projects. There is a review all the courses and information given, and is the vehicle for the exit interview. This course draws on LWC's Leadership Knowledge Base.

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