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Computer Information Systems


1003 - Computer Concepts and Applications - 3 credit hours
A survey of computing and technology-related issues, including hardware, software, operating systems, file management, networks, electronic communication, Internet research, technology in society, and online security, privacy, and ethics. Also provides a survey of and hands-on experience with word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, database, Web browser, and e-mail software. Prerequisite: Beginning typing skills or instructor's permission.

1013 - Computing Fundamentals - 3 credit hours
Explores the foundational aspects of computing and information technology.  Topics include the nature of digital computing, the human-computer interface, basic networking concepts, markup languages, the Internet and the Web, online research, methods of digital data representation, principles of computer operation, algorithmic thinking, social implications of information technology, spreadsheet basics, introductory database concepts, privacy and digital security, and fundamental programming principles. Corequisites: CIS 1003 and MATH 1113 or instructor's permission.

1023 - Programming Concepts I: Visual Basic .NET - 3 credit hours
An introduction to the concepts and fundamentals of programming using an object-oriented language.  Topics include interface design, objects and events, program control logic structures, debugging techniques, file management, arrays, databases, and Web applications.  Emphasizes the development of business related applications.  Corequisites:  CIS 1003 and MATH 1113 or instructor's permission.

2003 - Advanced Microcomputer Applications - 3 credit hours
Examines and provides hands-on experience with the advanced features of a productivity software suite. Applications will include word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and database management systems.  Topics include tables, form letters, merging, desktop publishing, financial functions, amortization schedules, data tables, creating, sorting, and querying a worksheet database, templates, Object Linking and Embedding, creating customized reports and forms, using visual elements in presentations, and the integration of applications.  Prerequisite: CIS 1003 or instructor's permission.

2014 - Microcomputer System Management - 4 credit hours
Teaches students the step-by-step processes and procedures for supporting personal computers. Topics include hardware/software interaction, basic electricity and power supplies, motherboard components, memory management, hard drive installation and support, supporting I/O devices, multimedia technology, operating system setup and customization, preventive maintenance and disaster recovery, and end-user assistance. Prerequisite: CIS 1013.

2023 - Programming Concepts II: Java - 3 credit hours
Introduces advanced topics in programming, including methods, reusable objects, external classes, swing interfaces, applets, servlets, polymorphism, encapsulation, sequential files, collections, and databases.  Prerequisite: CIS 1023 or CIS/MATH/PHYS 2713.

2053 - Web Design and Development - 3 credit hours
Introduces basic Web design and creation principles using Web authoring software, and examines Web development through the creation and maintenance of database-driven Web sites.  Prerequisite: CIS 1023 and CIS 2023.

2064 - Networking - 4 credit hours
Presents computer networking fundamentals. Topics include network design considerations, networking media, communication hardware and software, transmission modes, protocols, network architectures, network operations, network administration and support, connectivity, data and system security, controls, local and wide area networks, network operating systems, network integrity and availability, maintenance, upgrading, and troubleshooting. Prerequisite: CIS 2014.

2073 - Database Applications - 3 credit hours
Advanced topics in the use of microcomputer database management system software, including advanced queries, SQL, complex forms, complex reports, custom user interfaces, VBA programming, error trapping, ActiveX controls, object models, and database security. Prerequisite: CIS 1023.

2713 - Introduction to Computational Science - 3 credit hours
Presents an introduction to the theory and application of computer programming. Basic control structures and object-oriented constructs are explored. Also listed as MATH 2713 and PHYS 2713. Prerequisite: MATH 1113. Course Rotations: Spring.

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