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2033 - Microeconomics - 3 credit hours
A study of supply, demand, price, seller-market power, profit, consumer choice, specialization, efficiency, domestic and international trades, and distribution of income. The role of middlemen, speculators, and the government in economy. Discussion of current economic controversies. Prerequisites: Sophomore standing and MATH 1113.

2043 - Macroeconomics - 3 credit hours
A study of inflation, unemployment, national income, booms and busts, government budget deficit, money, monetary and fiscal policies, specialization, efficiency, and trade, currency exchange, and balance of payment with other nations. Prerequisites: Sophomore standing and MATH 1113.

2023 - Survey of Economic Issues - 3 credit hours
A study of national and international economic issues such: market and command economic systems; agriculture subsidies; healthcare issues; green Gross Domestic Product and environmental pollution; Social Security; poverty; state of national economy; unemployment; inflation; budget deficit and national debt; the financial market; economics of higher education;  feminist economic issues; regional economic integration; protectionism versus free trade; world poverty; developing countries' international debt; role of international institutions such as WTO, IMF and the World Bank. Note: Students who have taken ECON 2043 or ECON 2033 may not take this course for credit. Prerequisite: Mathematics course meeting/exceeding General Education Requirements.

3103 - Money and Banking - 3 credit hours
Discusses the role of money in the economy; the commercial banking system; nonblank financial institutions; the financial market; portfolio choices; interest rates; the federal Reserve system and its monetary plicies; international finance; monetary theories; and rational expectations and its implications for public policy.

3203 - Statistics for Business and Economics - 3 credit hours
A review of descriptive statistics. Sampling and sampling distribution, estimation and confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, analysis of variance, regression analysis and correlation, non-parametric methods, and time series and business forecasting. Prerequisite: MATH 2203.

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