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Physical Education

Physical Education - PHED

Note: Students interesting in majoring in Physical Education or Physical Education and Health should be aware that a major in this area requires acceptance into and compliance with the standards set forth by the Education program.

1021 - First Aid - 1 credit hour
Practice of first-aid procedures and prevention and care of injuries.

1801 - Special Topics in Physical Activity - 2 credit hours
Activity normally features skill development in a specific recreational area or sport. Emphasis is on participation, development or camaraderie, strategy and team play. Course may be repeated.

2012 - Basic Injury Care for the Coach and Trainer - 2 credit hours
Study of symptoms, prevention, immediate treatment and long-term care in athletic injuries. Prerequisite: PHED 1021.

2013 - Nutrition - 3 credit hours
Examines nutritional values and practices. Topics for discussion include, but are not limited to the following: basic food groups, food nutrients, weight problems, and food labels.

2053 - Foundations of Health and Physical Education - 3 credit hours
Provides historical and philosophical perspective for health and physical education.

2103 - Physical Education for the Exceptional Child - 3 credit hours
The social, psychological, and physiological aspects of the mentally retarded, the gifted, and the visually, aurally, physically, emotionally, and neurological disabled are discussed. Will address how to best meet the needs of these students in a physical movement environment. Includes a field esperience component. 

2133 - Motor Learning & Development - 3 credit hours
Teaches various stages of motor learning as it applies to the physical education student. The development of children in grades P-12 will be discussed with issues that this brings for their physical movement abilities.

2253 - Personal, School and Community Health - 3 credit hours
Incorporates personal and school health into the wider scope of community health. Needs-assessment on an individual, school, and community basis will be developed. The student will be actively engaged in planning program design for themselves and others.

2552 - Fitness, Wellness & Conditioning: Theory and Practice - 2 credit hours
Develops practical applications of fitness, wellness, and conditioning concepts. Students will be actively engaged in planning program design for themselves and others.

3002 - Psychology/Sociology of PE/Sport - 2 credit hours
Surveys psychology/sociology and the varied responsibilities of the teacher and coach as they relate to these fields. Topics of discussion include areas such as characteristics, type of personality, philosophy, history, organization and administration, as well as current issues.

3013 - Exercise Physiology - 3 credit hours
Acquaints the student with physiological changes which occur during and after physical activity. The physiological changes include circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, and nervous systematic adjustments. Students are recommended to have successfully completed the biology general education requirement before taking this course.

3023 - Kinesiology - 3 credit hours
Study of the human musculature and the body's structural relationship to exercise and skilled motor performance.

3103 - Epidemiology - 3 credit hours
Examination of the infectious diseases and disorders that are prevalent today, as well as address the history of those diseases. It is designed to enhance the knowledge of why and how diseases spread and how they are treated.

3163 - Skills and Techniques of Team and Lifetime Activities - 3 credit hours
Fundamental skills and strategies for team, individual, and dual activities. Prerequisite: Acceptance into the Teacher Education Program.

3203 - School Health, Nutrition and Physical Education - 3 credit hours
Study of basic body functions, health-related problems in the school, and basic nutritional and physical fitness for proper growth and maintenance of the body. Emphasizes relating the material to children in grades P-5. Includes a field esperience component.  Prerequisites: Acceptance into the Teacher Education Program and EDUC 3223 (P-5 majors only) or EDUC 3403 (Physical Education majors).

3553 Rhythm and Dance for Teachers - 3 credit hours
Various dances and fhythm activities will be learned and teaching techniques will be stressed.

3603 - Sport Law - 3 credit hours
Examination of legislation and specific case law as related to professional and amateur athletes, sport events, licensed merchandise, broadcast and sponsorship rights. Topics include labor and anti-trust law; contract negotiation, specifications, and interpretation. Also listed as RTSM 3603. Prerequisite: RTSM 2603.

4023 - Methods and Materials of P-12 Physical Education - 3 credit hours
Explores principles of instruction, teaching methods, and curriculum materials as prevalent in public schools, grades P-12. Includes a field esperience component.  Prerequisite: Acceptance into the Teacher Education Program.

4103 - Contemporary Health Issues - 3 credit hours
Examines current issues in health by means of special speakers and other resources. Issues explored include: AIDS, world population, global warming, and others that the future will dictate.

4603 - Athletic Administration - 3 credit hours
Provides an overview of the area of athletics administration for scholastic and collegiate settings. This course would cover many areas from staffing and recruiting to fund raising. Also listed as RTSM 4603. Prerequisites: RTSM 2603, RTSM 3603.

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