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Physics - PHYS

2114 - College Physics I - 4 credit hours
A non-calculus based introduction to some mechanical topics in physics including vector mathematics, one and two-dimensional motion, force, energy, momentum, circular motion, rigid bodies, static equilibrium and wave motion. Problem solving is emphasized. A laboratory component is included which correlates with the concepts of College Physics I. Prerequisite: MATH 1124 or equivalent.  Course Rotation: Fall.

2124 - College Physics II - 4 credit hours
A continuation of College Physics I, including the topics of electric charge, electric force, electric field, electric potential, DC circuits, magnetic force, magnetic field, electromagnetic induction, AC circuits, geometric optics, physical optics, atomic physics and some special topics. A laboratory component is included which correlates with the concepts of College Physics II. Prerequisite: PHYS 2115. Course Rotation: Spring.

2414 - General Physics I - 4 credit hours
Presents a calculus-based introduction to topics in mechanics, including vector mathematics, the kinematics of motion, force, work and energy, momentum, kinematics and dynamics of rotation, static equilibrium, wave motion, and, if time permits, fluid mechanics. A laboratory component is included. Prerequisite:  MATH 2315. Course Rotation: Spring.

2424 - General Physics II - 4 credit hours
A continuation of PHYS 2415, this course presents an introduction to some topics in electromagnetism and optics, including: electric force; electric field; electric potential; DC circuits; magnetism; electromagnetic induction; electromagnetic waves; AC circuits; geometric optics; and physical optics. A laboratory component is included. Prerequisite:  PHYS 2415. Course Rotation: Fall.

2614 - Thermodynamics - 4 credit hours
Presents a discussion of the fundamental principles and applications of thermodynamics. A laboratory component is included. Prerequisite: PHYS 2415. Course Rotation: Spring.

2713 - Introduction to Computational Science - 3 credit hours
Presents an introduction to the theory and application of computer programming. Basic control structures and object-oriented constructs are explored. Also listed as CIS 2713 and MATH 2713. Prerequisite: MATH 1113. Course Rotation: Spring.

3103 - Statics - 3 credit hours
This course presents a study of forces on objects at rest. Contents include: a discussion of vector algebra; a study of force systems; equivalent force systems; distributed forces; internal forces; principles of equilibrium; application to trusses, frames and beams; and friction. Co-requisite or Prerequisite: MATH 3314. Prerequisite: PHYS 2415. Course Rotation: Fall.

4303 - Engineering Mathematics - 3 credit hours
Provides a rigorous treatment of some applied mathematics topics that appear in the study of the physical sciences and in engineering. Specific topics to be discussed are vector analysis, complex analysis (including complex integration), differential equations, partial differential equations, Fourier analysis, and Sturm-Liouville theory. Also listed as MATH 4303. Prerequisite: MATH 3323. Course Rotation: Varies.

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