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Spanish - SPAN

1013 - Elementary Spanish - 3 credit hours
Designed for students with no previous training in or minimal knowledge of Spanish. It introduces the various tenses and basic sentence structures of the Spanish language through the usage of short literary and cultural texts as well as everyday vocabulary. This course is designed to encourage the development of communicative proficiency through an integrated approach to the teaching of all four language skills-listening and understanding, reading, writing, and speaking-as  building blocks toward proficiency and fluency.  Note: Course will neither be open nor will CLEP credit be given to native speakers. Course Rotation: Fall  

1023 - Intermediate Spanish - 3 credit hours
ontinues the review of grammar and in-depth study of more complex sentence patterns partly through the practice, in Spanish, of all four skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking), and partly through the discussion of literary  and cultural texts and films.  The course's aim is to help students acquire greater skill and confidence in both oral and written expression. Note: SPAN 2023 prepares students for SPAN 2013. Prerequisites: Spanish 1013, or two years of secondary school Spanish.              

2013 - Spanish Language, Literature, and Culture - 3 credit hours
Offers a broad, trans-cultural and interdisciplinary introduction to major periods of Spanish and Hispanic history, society, culture, and literature with the goals of examining the uniqueness of Spanish literature from the Middle Ages to the present, and of heightening awareness of Spanish diversity via the reading or viewing and discussion of current events, short stories, poems, short novels and films from Spain and from Latin America.  Note: Native speakers of Spanish will be allowed to enroll in the Spanish Language, Literature, and Culture 3033 course if the literature and culture treated are from a Spanish-speaking country different from the student's own.  Course Rotation: Spring, contingent upon student enrollment.

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