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Dual Credit Courses

A dual credit course is one which high school seniors, nominated by their high school, may take classes at or through Lindsey Wilson. Any earned credits will count for College credit and may also count for high school credit, depending upon the high schools guidelines. In order for Lindsey Wilson to assume full responsibility for the academic quality of the dual credit courses it offers, the following conditions must be met:

The course is one which has been approved by Lindsey Wilson faculty in the normal manner for all recognized course offerings at the College;

The course is instructed by a person who meets normally applied College standards with regard to credentials, experience, etc.;

The number of credits is appropriate to the normally applied standards of the College for the number of contact hours and other work expectations;

In those cases where the course is taught at the high school rather than in a College facility and where that facility must support laboratories or other special needs, the College will examine the facility and determine if it is adequate for the course in question prior to the semester in which the course is offered;

If the instructor is not a member of the College faculty, that person will meet all criteria normally applied for appointment at the rank of instructor. The syllabus for the course and all quizzes, tests, and other graded material will be reviewed and approved by the relevant Chair of the academic division sponsoring the course prior to the semester in which the course is offered. The student learning outcomes for the course are required to be the same as those for the course as taught at the College. The instructor will be required to follow College guidelines as stated in the adjunct section of the Faculty Handbook;

Students enrolled in a dual credit course will have all rights of access to academic materials normally afforded students at the College;

Students enrolled in such a course will have all rights of appeal normally afforded Lindsey Wilson students in the event of any differences with regard to grades or other academic matters.

Financial assistance will not be extended to students enrolled in dual credit courses. Applicable fees will be applied by the Business Office and must be paid prior to the beginning of the course in question. See Tuition and Fees for dual credit tuition charges.

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