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Transfer Students

Lindsey Wilson College accepts academic credit from two-year and four-year colleges accredited by a regional accrediting commission. Candidates for admission as transfer students must submit the following (high school transcripts may be required for some transfer students):

  1. An application for admission;
  2. An official transcript from all colleges and universities attended; and
  3. A completed Statement for Transfer Students Form from all colleges and universities attended.

The cumulative GPA of students transferring to LWC will include hours attempted and quality points earned from all previously attended institutions. Students transferring with a 2.00 GPA or below will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee.

Transfer students placed on probation by their previous institution will be placed on probation by Lindsey Wilson College. All students admitted on academic warning or probationary status will be given individualized plans that will specify how they are to achieve minimum acceptable academic progress within a specified time. Courses completed as lower-division credits will transfer to Lindsey Wilson College as lower-division credit only. A maximum of 64 credit hours may be accepted from regionally accredited junior or community colleges. Additional credit hours will be accepted only when appropriate and when permission is given by the Division Chair or Registrar.

Transfer Credit Approval

To assure credit for a course(s) accepted in general education or as a general elective taken at another institution, prior approval from the Registrar must be obtained. For a course(s) in a student's major, written approval must be obtained from the Division Chair and the Registrar. Upon completion of the course(s), an official transcript must be submitted to the Registrar. Transfer credit is accepted only from regionally accredited two and four-year colleges.Block Transfer Credit

Lindsey Wilson recognizes completion of its general education requirement for those students transferring from KCTCS (Kentucky Community & Technical College System) institutions who have completed requirements for General Education Full Certification* provided grades of C or higher have been earned in all relevant mathematics and English composition courses. If mathematics or English composition courses have been taken and grades below C have been earned, those courses (or equivalent courses) must be repeated until a grade of at least C is earned. Note: Students who enter under this policy will be required to complete three semester hours in religion.

*General Education Full Certification from KCTCS institutions requires 60 semester hours of course work in writing, communication, humanities, social interaction, science and mathematics.

*Credits earned at Lindsey Wilson College are transferable to another institution at the discretion of the receiving institution.

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