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Undergraduate Course Descriptions
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Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Lindsey Wilson College's undergraduate course descriptions section of the catalog contains the description of courses taught at the institution. For an actual list of undergraduate courses being offered in a specific semester you can visit our online course schedule at

 Course Numbers

       Each digit in the course numbers represents the following:

  • First digit:  Identifies course level.
  • Second and third digits:  Program use (may suggest sequence or common-numbered course).
  • Fourth digit: Credit hours

 Course Levels

  • 0800 and 0900 Level:  Skill-building and developmental courses, frequently graded on a Credit/No Credit basis.  Students may be placed in these courses if they lack skills essential to college-level success.  Students are usually not allowed to withdraw from skill-building/developmental courses.
  • 1000 Level: Ordinarily taken by first-year students or by students with no prior exposure to the discipline.  These courses typically do not have prerequisites, though students who lack adequate skills may first be placed in related developmental or skill-building courses. 
  • 2000 Level: Often taken by student who have completed a 1000 level course in the discipline and wish to proceed further or by second-year students with the knowledge and skills the course requires.  These courses may have prerequisites.
  • 3000 Level: These courses are taken by students pursuing majors or minors in the discipline; some prior knowledge of the field or discipline is assumed.  Most of these courses have prerequisites. 
  • 4000 Level: These are advanced, senior-level courses.  They assume substantial prior knowledge of the field or discipline.  They should not be taken unless the student meets the assumptions of the course in terms of the knowledge base and skills required.
  • 5000-6000 Level: Graduate courses are offered at these levels.

Course Prerequisites and Co-requisites

  • Prerequisites on courses are absolute. Students not taking the prerequisite(s) would most likely have a difficult time doing well in the course; they therefore must take the prerequisite first.
  • Co-requisite(s):  The co-requisite listed in the course description indicates that the student intending to take the course described must also enroll in the co-requisite course. The courses must be taken simultaneously and they cannot be added or dropped independently. 
  • Prerequisite(s) or permission of professor: Although students are advised to take the prerequisite first, faculty have the option of overriding the prerequisite by using the electronic override.  Paper copies of drop add forms will not be accepted, as electronic overrides will assist the registrar's office to monitor courses that have prerequisite/permission applications.
  • Recommended: Recommendations are advisory in nature and suggest that the course material might better be learned if the recommended course is taken first.
  • No prerequisite: Any student can take the course.

Common Numbered Courses

  • Special Topics:  These courses are offered on an occasional basis by faculty to explore subjects not offered regularly in the curriculum.  Course numbers under this designation will be preceded by the appropriate program abbreviation, and will show an "8" in  the second digit position.  As usual, the first digit indicated the ability level, and the final digit will vary according to the number of credits the course carries (e.g., HIST 3802 - junior level special topics course in History earning two credit hours).
  • Directed Study:  Such a course is proposed by a student based on a strong interest; approvals from a Division Chair and  the Academic Affairs Office are required.  Course numbers are assigned using a "DS" for the middle two digit positions (e.g., HUMN 4DS1 - senior level directed study course in Humanities earning one credit hour).
  •  Internships:  Internships are indicated by the program abbreviation followed by PN in the first two digit positions, and the credit hour number (from 01-03) in the third and fourth positions (e.g., BUSI PN03). Internships are graded on a Credit/No Credit basis.
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