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Business - BUSI

2303 - Business Communication - 3 credit hours
Study of communication process in business as related to managerial and professional communication. Emphasis on interpersonal and organizational concepts; goals, skills, and criteria; cultural aspects; electronically assisted communication; collaborative communication; planning, organizing, and developing business messages; message patterns; visual and oral media; research and reports; and the employment process. Prerequisite: ENGL 1023.

2503 - Business Mathematics - 3 credit hours
Introduces elementary finance and specific problems relative to business enterprises. Prerequisite:  MATH 1013 or MATH 1113, unless mathematics waiver requirements are met.

2713 - Business Law I - 3 credit hours
Studies the legal environment of business. Introduces the private and public aspects of business law. Topics include law and the judicial system, contracts, regulation and consumer protection, and commercial paper.

2903 - Introduction to Management - 3 credit hours
Introduces the discipline of Management. Integrates the basic processes of management: planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling. Case studies are used to solve realistic problems in managing a business. Prerequisite:  Sophomore standing.

2933 - Business Management - 3 credit hours
A study of the problems of establishing and operating a small business. Includes capital requirements, location, managing the business inventory, taxation, and services. Prerequisites: BUSI 2903 and ACCT 2113. Sophomore standing.

3503 - Business Computer Applications - 3 credit hours
Uses computer-based spreadsheets to create and analyze worksheets and graphs for accounting, finance, marketing, and human resource management. Prerequisite: CIS 1003.

3533 - Principles of Finance - 3 credit hours
Studies the basic principles, concepts, and analytical tools in finance.  Areas examined include: budgeting, present value concepts, sources, and uses of funds. Prerequisites: ACCT 2123 and BUSI 2903.

3553 - Financial Literacy - 3 credit hours
Addresses concepts of personal money management, determining financial resources, establishing financial goals and strategies, and budgeting through retirement.

3573 - Investments - 3 credit hours
Considers the nature of different types of securities and other investments from the investor's point of view. The bases for the structure of a portfolio are examined in theory and practice. Prerequisite: BUSI 3933.

3603 -   Employee and Labor Relations - 3 credit hours
Provides a comprehensive introducation to employment and labor regularions.  Consideration will be given to the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees throughout the emplowment relationship.  Topics to be discussed will include the common law and statutory foundations of employment law, the employment relationsheip, collective bargaining, and labor relations.

3613 - Aquiring Talent (Workforce Planning)- 3 credit hours
Focuses on workforce planning and talent manatement.  Topics include analysis of workforce needs and emerging trends, human resources issues in mergers and aquisitions, recruitment and staffing of human resources, and organizational entry and socialization.

3933 - Principles of Marketing - 3 credit hours
Studies the behavioral, functional, societal, and institutional foundations of marketing, as well as the marketing mix variables: product, price, promotion, and channels of distribution. Prerequisite: BUSI 2903.

3953 - Personnel Management - 3 credit hours
Deals with personnel functions within organizations. Topics include: recruitment, selection, appraisal, compensation, labor laws governing management and labor, and future prospects in the personnel field. Prerequisite: BUSI 2903.

3973 - Management Information Systems - 3 credit hours
Introduces management problems related to various computing functions and systems. Also listed as ACCT 3973. Prerequisite: Junior standing.

3993 - International Business Operations - 3 credit hours
Study of globalization, political and cultural diversities; foreign investment; regional economic integration; the global monetary system; global capital market; the strategy and structure of international business; exporting;
alternative approach to entering foreign markets; global manufacturing and material management; global marketing and research and development (R&D); global human resource management; accounting in international business; and financial management in international business. Prerequisites: BUSI 3933 and Junior standing.

4603 - Compensation and Benefits- 3 credit hours
Provides advanced study of the human resources function of compensation.  Topics include design and administration of the total compensation system, including subtropical areas of pay equity, job evaluation, wage and salary structures, variable pay programs, negotional of benefit plans, benifit administrationa and legal compliance, and compensation and benefits regulations.

4613 - Developing Talent - 3 credit hours
Provides an indepth study of the traiing and development function of human resources.  Topics includ organizational entry, socialization, and orientation, systematic development of training curriculum, delivery and evaluation of training programs, career and succession planning,, and outcome measurements of the human resources function, and human resources metrics.

4623 - Quantitive Techniques/Management Science - 3 credit hours
Provides a foundation in the areas of quantitative modeling utilized in the managerial decision-making process. Emphasis is placed on the development, application, and analysis of the following quantitative techniques: linear programming, transportation, forecasting, PERT/CPM, inventory, quality control, and decision theory.

4753 - Sales Management - 3 credit hours
Addresses selling functions of the business organization and the problem of sales administration. Topics include: recruitment and training of salespeople; paying salespeople; establishing territories; sales quotas; aids for salespeople; and overall control of the sales organization.  Prerequisite:  BUSI  3533.

4763 - Production Management - 3 credit hours
Surveys analytical methods of handling problems in manufacturing operations, including the general functions of management as applied to production. Prerequisites: MATH  1013 or MATH 1113, BUSI 2903 and ECON 3203.

4773 - Human Relations in Business - 3 credit hours
Studies individual and group behavior in organizations, the nature and crucial importance of communication, employee motivation, and development of the human aspects on organizations.  Prerequisite: Senior standing or instructor's permission.

4783 - Business Ethics and Values - 3 credit hours
Includes an analysis of the issues in the social responsibilities of business, ethics in promotion, distribution, processing, research, product development, honesty and fairness, accounting, finance, and production. A study of federal legislation that created agencies to force business to act in socially responsible ways. Prerequisites: Senior standing or instructor's permission.

4793 - Business Policy - 3 credit hours
Establishes effective business policy within the framework of the problems and methods of business decision-making. Written and oral analyses are made of comprehensive cases cutting across the major functions within business organizations. Group and individual reports are required. Uses a computer simulation. This is the capstone course for the bachelor of arts degree business major and should be taken in the student's final semester. Note: A fee of approximately $25 is required for the ETS Majors Fields Test. Prerequisites: BUSI 3533, BUSI 3933, BUSI 4763 and senior standing.


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