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Administration and Staff

President's Office
William T. Luckey, Jr. - President
Nancy Sinclair - Executive Assistant

Development Office
Kevin A. Thompson - Vice President for Advancement
John B. Begley - Chancellor
Brady Button - Director of Annual Giving
Randy Burns - Director of Alumni Relations
Allysa Gooden - Director of Foundation and Donor Relations
Helen Benningfield - Development Associate
Linda Warner - Development Associate

Public Relations
Duane Bonifer - Director of Public Relations
Venus Popplewell - Assistant Director of Public Relations
Travis Smith - News Writer

Office of Administration & Finance
Roger Drake - Vice President for Administration & Finance
Christy Vaughan - Administrative Assistant

Human Resources
Karen Wright - Director of Human Resources
Donna Price - Payroll Clerk/Human Resources Assistant
Jill Callison - Human Resources Assistant

Business and Finance Office
Greg Mendendorp - Controller
Jeremiah Burd - Student Accounts Representative
Sally Mays - Student Accounts Representative
Amanda Abney - Cashier
Kevin Kruizenga - Accounts Payable Clerk

Auxiliary Services
Jeff Willis - Director of Business Services
JoAnn Panko - Assistant Food Service Director/Catering Director
Betty Cash - Production Manager
Tammy Adamson - Assistant Manager
Amy Cooper - Bookstore Manager
Mike Hamlett - The Pines Manager
Josh Overstreet - Supervisor Night Shift
Katie Norris - Bookstore Associate
Jason Hawkins - Utility
Angela Butler - Server
Catherine Janes -Cook
Suzanne Blakeman - Administrative Assistant
Cathy Grant - Baker
Greg Tabor - Utility
Craig Stapleton - Server
Patricia Payne - Starbucks
Della Redmon - Cook
Gay Richards - Papa Johns Cashier/Server
Connie Coomer - Cook
Sherry Corbin - Cook
Felicia Perkins - Server
Dorothy Holt - Catering Supervisor
Roger England - Condiments
Donnie Willis - Vending
Beverly Sargent - Cook
Leeor Shemton - Catering/Server
Gregory Blackaby - Server
Antoine Rouse - Utility
Sherry Phillips - Cashier

Traci Pooler - Dean of Admissions
Charity Ferguson - Director of Admissions
Dana Talley - Admissions Counselor/Office Manager
Gina Collins - Admissions Counselor
Sara Hargis - Admissions Counselor
Regina Haugen - Director, Evening Program
Kendra Leveridge - Admissions Counselor
Charles Mooney - Admissions Counselor
Tyler McCubbins - Admissions Counselor
Cheryl Karnes - Secretary, Day and Evening
Melody Davis - Office Associate
Karen Grigsby - Admissions Secretary

Administration:         Willis Pooler - Director of Athletics
                                     Michael Talley - Director of Athletic Facility and Event Management
                                     Beth Boisvert - Office Associate
                                     Abe Cross - Assistant Athletic Administrator
Sports Information:  Chris Wells - Sports Information Director
                                     Daniel White - Assistant Sports Information Director
Athletic Trainers:       Chris Miller - Head Athletic Trainer
                                     Terri Burris - Blue Raider Wellness Center Office Associate
                                     Laurie Gerber - Assistant Athletic Trainer
                                     Rebecca Phillips - Assistant Athletic Trainer
                                     Emily Rigney - Assistant Athletic Trainer
                                     Joshua Wright - Assistant Athletic Trainer
Baseball:                    Johathan Burton - Head Baseball Coach
                                     Michael Mantooth -Baseball Assistant Coach
Basketball:                 Paul Peck - Men's Basketball Coach
                                     John Wethington - Women's Basketball Coach
                                     Chris Starks - Men's Basketball Assistant Coach
                                     Steve Beck - Assistant Women's Basketball
Bowling:                      Michael Mantooth - Bowling Head Coach
Bus Drivers                Monte Dailey - Bus Driver
                                      Donnie Wells - Bus Driver
                                     Tom Pilling - Bus Driver
Cheerleading, Dance:  Damon Hicks - Cheer/Dance Head Coach
Cross Country, Track and Field:
                                     Edwin Hagans - Cross Country, Track & Field Head Coach
                                     Andrew Nash - Assistant Cross Country, Track & Field Coach
Cycling:                       David Grigsby - Cycling Head Coach
                                     Kip Spaude - Assistant Cycling Coach
Football:                     Chris Oliver - Football Head Coach
                                     Brian Foos - Football Offensive Coordinator
                                     Mike Gutelius - Football Defensive Coordinator
                                     Bert Bathiany - Football Defensive Line Coach
                                     Powell Miller - Football Defensive Line Coach
                                     Patrick Dougherty - Linebacker Coach
Golf:                             James England - Director of Golf Operations at the Pines
                                     Shaun Cozart - Golf Coach
Soccer:                        Ray Wells - Men's Soccer Head Coach
                                      Lee Chalmers - Assistant Men's Soccer Coach
                                      Drew Burwash - Women's Soccer Head Coach
                                      Debbie McGuinness - Women's Soccer Assistant Coach
Softball:                       Ashley McCool - Head Softball Coach
Softball Assistant Coach - OPEN
Swimming:                 Alicia Kemnitz - Swimming & Diving Head Coach
Tennis:                        Daniel Finn - Tennis Head Coach
Volleyball:                   Andrew Cavins - Volleyball Head Coach
Wrestling:                   Corey Ruff - Wrestling Head Coach
                                      Abe Cross - Assistant Wrestling Coach

Office of Planning, Institutional Effectiveness & Research
Anthony Moore - Director of Information Systems
Tevie Gooden - Data Analyst
Emanuel Isanda - Programmer Analyst
Kyle Duffy - Programmer Analyst

Computer Center
Harriet Gold - Director of Information Services
Joe Moore - Assistant Director of Information Services
Kevin Duncan - Network Administrator
Jonathan Begley - Technical Support Specialist
Kelly Martin - Technical Support Specialist
Sean Charles - Technical Support Specialist
Rebecca Schmidt - Coordinator of Technical Support Services

Service Center
Robin Smith - Service Center Director
Missy Stack - Service Center Manager

Plant Operations
Mike Newton - Director of Physical Plant
Randall Smith - Assistant Director of Physical Plant
Ruth Ann Smith - Plant Secretary
Rita Neat - Plant Operations Data Manager
Dennis Wilson - Maintenance, General
Charlette Allen - Housekeeping Supervisor
David Begley - Maintenance, Grounds
Billie Benningfield - Custodial, Richardson Hall, Durham
Ralph Brock - Maintenance, Grounds
Danny Brockman - Maintenance, Electrician
Donnie Burton - Maintenance, Painter
John Bush - Maintenance, Plumbing
Lewis Clark - Maintenance, Carpenter
Jerry Coffey - Maintenance, Grounds
Jonathan Conover - Custodial, Biggers Gymnasium, Morrison, Bookstore
Garry Coomer - Maintenance, General
Cindy Ford - Custodial, Fugitte, McQueary House
Shelia Goodin Dudley - Custodial, Library, Band Room
Sharon Hovious - Custodial, Everett (Bottom Floor), Oghia
Brenda Keith - Custodial, Administration Building, Lilly Hall
Michael Munday - Maintenance, Carpenter
Sheila Pendleton - Custodial, Wilkerson
Deamon Spencer - Maintenance, General
Barry White - Maintenance, Mechanic
Judy Spears - Custodial, Phillips Hall, Wooten, Keltner
Doug Bryant - Maintenance, Grounds
Jimmy Bottoms - Maintenance, HVAC
Jodi Irvin - Custodial, Goodhue, Chapel
James Blair - Custodial, Student Union Building, Security
Ronald Ford - Maintenance, Painter
Diane Ford - Custodial, Slider, Blue Raider Wellness Center
Rebecca Antle - Custodial, Fugitte, McQueary House
Taft Neal - Maintenance, Grounds
Jackie Chapman - Maintenance, HVAC
Chad Price - Custodial, Sumner, Round House, Vehicle Maintenance
Beverly Miller - Custodial, Finley, Phillips Hall
Lisa Pelston - Custodial, Olstead, Shrader, Lilly
Johnny Carter - Maintenance, Painter
Darrin Taylor - Custodial, Smith, Weight Room
Bart Pelston - Maintenance, General/Holloway Wellness Center
Faye Lee - Custodial, Holloway Wellness Center, Everett 1st floor
Eddie Burton - Custodial, Holloway Wellness Center, Everett 2nd floor
Dustin Stapleton - Maintenance, General
Chris Rowe - Custodial, Horton, Chapel fountain
Charles Hunt - Custodial, Footgall Stadium, Martin
Kenneth Smith - Maintenance, HVAC
Sabrina Magee - Custodial, SUB, Public Safety, Bookstore
Lisa Turner - Custodial, Luckey, Rice
Mark Jones - Maintenance, General
Gerald Lucas - Maintenance
Jason Janes - Custodial, Horton
Kenneth Baker - Maintenance, The Pines
Lobb Porter - Course Superintendent, The Pines
Kevin Smith - Maintenance, The Pines
Claudis Hadley - Custodial, Grider Laundry Rooms, All Male Dorms

Safety and Security
Darwin Vickery - Chief of Public Safety
Landon Parnell - Security Officer
Bradley Karnes - Security Officer
Michael Staten - Security Officer
Darrell Karnes - Security Officer

Student Financial Services
Marilyn Radford - Director of Financial Aid
Michelle Larimore - Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Kimberly Godsey Bryant -Work Study Coordinator/Financial Aid Counselor
Katelyn Hunt - Verification Specialist/Financial Aid Counselor
Hannah Barnett -Receptionist/Secretary
Carrie Redford - Coordinator for Direct Lending

Student Services & Enrollment Management
Dean Adams - Vice President for Student Services and Enrollment Management
Christ Schmidt - Dean of Students
Andy McAllister- Assistant Dean of Students
Brooke Shaw - Administrative Assistant
Misuzu (Suzy) McAlpine - Director of International Student Programs
Heather Davis - Director of Residence Life
Cameron Mueller - Men's Residence Director, Horton Hall Complex
Jared Conover - Men's Residence Director, Smith Hall
Sheena London - Residence Director, Phillips Hall
Jordan Willis - Residence Director, Richardson Hall
Joel Peterson - Director of the Health & Wellness Center
Jayne Hopkins - Director of Student Activities
Elise Luckey - Director, Bonner Leader Program and Begley Scholar Program
Amy Thompson-Wells - Director of Civic Engagement & Student Leadership, Co-director of Bonner Leader Program
Ashley Miller -Director, Career Services
Kay Gaines- Health Services
Justin Cason - Assistant Coordinator of International Student Programs

Terry Swan - Dean of the Chapel
Troy Elmore - Chaplain
Carol Weddle - Assistant Chaplain 

Upward Bound
Rudy Thomas - Upward Bound Directo
Krystal Cundiff - Upward Bound Counselor/Coordinator

Educational Outreach & Student Financial Services
Denise Fudge - Vice President for Educational Outreach & Student Financial Services

Evening & Community Programs
Ryan Vitatoe - Director of Enrollment for Extended Programs
Region I: Dr. Annette Abel - Region I Academic Director
Cheryl Boger - Region I Enrollment Director, Coordinator Bluegrass Community & Technical College
JoAnn Steinhilber - Region I Office Associate
Danette Hurley - Coordinator, Volunteer State Community College
Kesha McClure-Hunley - Coordinator, Somerset Community College 
Dorinda Livesay - Enrollment Manager, Lindsey Wilson College Scottsville Campus
Stacy Springston - Coordinator, Bluegrass Community & Technical College
Suzanne Mills - Coordinator, London Campus of Somerset Community College
Region II: Dr. Holly Abel - Region II Academic Director
Tommie Saragas - Region II Enrollment Director
Dawn Jackson - Region II Office Associate
Billie Robinson - Coordinator, University of the Mountains at Hazard Community & Technical College
Ann Hylton-Ratliff - Coordinator, Southwest Virginia Community College
Kimerly Brown - Coordinator, Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College
Beth Boggs - Coordinator, Mt Empire Community & Technical College
Andrea Clevinger - Coordinator, Wytheville Community College
Region III: Dr. Nicole Schnopp-Wyatt - Region II Academic Director
Shelia Wallen - Region III Enrollment Director
Amber Adkins - Region III Office Associate
Jennifer Jeffers - Coordinator, Ashland Community & Technical College
Katherine Swope - Coordinator, Maysville Community & Technical College
Tonia Marcum - Coordinator, Southern West Virginia Community & Technical College
Micca Ratliff - Coordinator, Big Sandy Community & Technical College
Region IV: Dr. Kay Russ - Region III Academic Director
Mamadou Fall - Region IV and VI Enrollment Director
Laura Pollard - Region VI and IV - Office Associate
Sierra Mason - Coordinator, Cincinnati State Community College
Emma Griffitt - Coordinator, Southern State Community College
Brittani Bryant - Coordinator, Gateway Community & Technical College - Boone Campus
Region V: Dr. Martin Wesley - Region V Academic Director
Toyia Martin - Region V - Office Associate
Georgia Ellis - Region V Enrollment Director
Roneshia Clark - Coordinator, Henderson Community & Technical College
Dawn Cleary - Coordinator, West Kentucky Community & Technical College
Ashley Mitchell - Coordinator, Madisonville Community College
Kelli Truelove - Coordinator, Hopkinsville Community College
Region VI:  Dr. Tammy Hatfield - Region VI Academic Director
Laura Pollard - Region VI and IV - Office Associate
Misty Marshall - Coordinator, Jefferson Community & Technical College
Jennifer Burdine - Coordinator, Elizabethtown Community & Technical College
Erin Orr, Coordinator-Shelby County Campus

Academic Affairs Office
Bettie C. Starr - Vice President for Academic Affairs
Lori G. Sargent - Associate Academic Dean
Jacqueline Montgomery - Associate Dean, School of Professional Counseling
Jeff Parsons - Director, Teaching and Technology Effectiveness
Jennifer Cundiff - Office Manager

Registrar's Office
Sue Coomer - Registrar
Claudia Froedge - Assistant Registrar
Sandy Moore - Student Records Associate
Sharon Shields-Smock - Assistant to the Registrar

Philip Hanna - Director of Library Services
Houston P. Barnes - Chief Librarian, Technical Services
Brittany McDonald, Chief Librarian, Public Services
Greg Blair - Library Assistant
Shelia Elliot - Library Assistant
Kim Hamlett - Library Assistant

Academic Unit Chairs/Directors 
Melissa P. Clauson, Co-chair, Natural and Behavioral Sciences Division
Lisa Crowe - Chair, Business and Computer Information Systems Division
Jeff Crane - Director, Counseling and Human Development Program
Scott Dillery - Co-chair, Natural and Behavioral Sciences Division
Myra Ford - Director, Human Services and Counseling Program
David Goguen - Chair, Applied and Interdisciplinary Studies Division
Tim McAlpine - Chair, Humanities and Fine Arts Division
Dan Phillips - Chair, Social Sciences Division
Suzette Scheuermann - Chair, Nursing Division
Linda Young - Chair, Education Division

Campus Support
Curtis Wiseley - Director Counseling Services
Jared Odd - Writing Center Coordinator
Linda Kessler - Mathematics Center Coordinator
Kachet Manners - Academic Unit Database Manager, Education
Cynthia Bretz - Nursing Office Associate
Sabine Eastham - Coordinator of Records and Administration
OPEN - Office Associate, School of Professional Counseling

Academic Success Center
Benson T. Sexton - Director of Freshman Experience/Advisor
Laura Burwash - Freshman Advisor
Jennifer Furkin - Freshman Advisor
Allison Bullins - Freshman Advisor
Ben Martin - Freshman Advisor
Maretta Garner - Tutor Coordinator, Academic Success Center

Project Success
Richard Hunley - Director of Project Success
Tiffany Graydon - Office Associate
Debbie Hall - Instructor for Integrated Reading and Writing
Bethany Fugate -Project Success Advisor

Center for Entrepreneurship
Linda Grider - Director of Community Education and Outreach

Energy Technology Career Academy
Heather Spoon - Director of the Energy Technology Career Academy 

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