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Theatre - THEA

1313 - Introduction to Theatre - 3 credit hours
A study of methods of play-making from page to stage, with emphasis on the director, actor, designer, and playwright. The history of selected periods of drama is explored to develop a critical appreciation for live performance. Course rotation: Fall.

1323 - Fundamentals of Acting - 3 credit hours
An introduction to the theory and practice of acting.  Students explore interacting and reacting in improvision with special consideration given to concentration, motivation, and relaxation. A Includes beginning look at vocal production and text analysis, and concludes with performance of scenes and/or monologues. Course Rotation: Fall.

1333 - Introduction to Directing - 3 credit hours
Basic elements of directing including play analysis, techniques for working with actors, and play production will be explored. Emphasis will be on exercises to develop skills in creating stage pictures, movement, design, pacing, casting and holding auditions.  The culminating experience will be directing or co-directing a short scene. Course rotation: Fall.

1341 - Practicum I - 1 credit hour  
Guided participation in theatre productions in performance, stage management, crew work on sets, props, lights costumes, and make-up.  A minimum of 40 hours.  May be repeated to maximum of 2 credit hours.  Course rotation: Every Semester.

1351 - Practicum II- 1 credit hour  
Guided participation in theatre productions in performance, stage management, crew work on sets, props, lights costumes, make-up.  A minimum of 40 hours.  This course may be repeated to maximum of 2 credit hours. Course rotation: Every Semester.

2323 - Acting II - 3 credit hours
An advanced acting course to develop the actor's ability to create a character.  Performance of extended scenes, or one-acts, will offer challenges in interpretation and vocal and physical embodiment. Audition preparation will be stressed. Prerequisite: THEA 1323 or permission of Instructor. Course rotation: Spring.

2333 - Directing II - 3 credit hours
Advanced elements of directing with emphasis on various spatial arrangements, directing period styles, developing effective rehearsal techniques and collaboration.  Prerequisite: Introduction to Directing. Course rotation: Spring.

2413 - Children's Theatre - 3 credit hours
Students explore various aspects of children's theatre and will put on a play that will tour to area schools. May be repeated once for credit. Course rotation: Fall.

2513 - Voice and Movement - 3 credit hours
Introduces students to various techniques and skills to develop body and vocal awareness, physical expressiveness and vocal production.  Course rotation: Spring alternate years.

3323 - Acting III - 3 credit hours
Advanced-level course in acting.  Students will develop skills in various style and genres of theatre.  Performance of extended scenes from classical plays will give students an opportunity to work with poise, tempo and vocal variation.  Resume preparation will be stressed.  Prerequisites: THEA 1323 and THEA 2323. Course rotation: Spring alternate years.

3333 - Playwriting - 3 credit hours
A practical course in writing a one-act play.  The students will develop a script from an idea or scenario through various rewrites and concluding with a final version to be given a staged reading.  Course rotation: Spring alternate years.

3423 - Dramatic Literature Survey - 3 credit hours
A survey of dramatic literature and patterns in theatre history from Greece to the present.  Selected plays will be read and explored in cultural and historic contexts. Prerequisite: THEA 1313.  Course rotation: Fall alternate years.

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