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Daniel Schnopp-Wyatt
Department of School of Professional Counseling
Title:Associate Professor
Degrees:Ph.D. 2005 The Union Institute, Cincinnati, OH
Ph.D. in Psychology and Anthropology.

M.A. 1999 Goddard College, Plainfield, VT
Interdisciplinary Studies.

1994-1995 Loyola University, Chicago, IL
Graduate Study in Psychology.

B.S. 1993 Wright State University, Dayton, OH
Psychology, Cum Laude, Psychology Honors.
Phone:(270) 384-8121

HS 3103 Lifespan Development
HS 4013 Gender Studies
HS 4343 Substance Abuse
CHD 5023 Counseling Theories and Techniques: Affective/Humanistic
CHD 6163 Substance Abuse Treatment
Teaching Experience:

2004 - Present Assistant Professor
Lindsey Wilson School of Professional Counseling

2001 - 2004 Instructor
Pikeville College Psychology Department



Graduate Student Advisor for Southwest Virginia Community College

Liason, Crossroads Region




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Using evaluation data as the basis for a local ordinance to control alcohol and tobacco billboards in Chicago. Hackbarth, D, Schnopp-Wyatt, D., Katz, D., Williams, J., Silvestri, B., Pfleger, M. (2004). In Roberts, A. & Yeager, K. (Eds.). Evidence Based Practice Manual: Research and Outcome Measures in Health and Human Services. Oxford University Press.

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Vagina Dentata: Observing the Lesbian Vampire. Daniel Schnopp-Wyatt. 2010 Film and History Conference.

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Recent Substance Abuse Trends in Appalachia. Vikki Woodward and Daniel Schnopp-Wyatt. 2007 Appalachian Studies Association Conference.

This has been a Pink Pickle Production: A Retrospective on the Future of Appalachia. Daniel Schnopp-Wyatt, Nicole Schnopp-Wyatt, John Howie, & Emma Sue Jones. 2007 Appalachian Studies Association Conference.

Pot Smoking for Counselors. Daniel Schnopp-Wyatt. 2006 Kentucky Mental Health Counselors Association.

Hillbilly Heroin(e): A Chemical Romance. A Short Film and Facilitated Discussion about Substance Abuse. Mandy Fleming, Laura Bellamy, Tasha Collins, Tony Mullins, Galen Cathcart, Darrell Riffe, Joshua Salyers, Chad Webb, Nicole Schnopp-Wyatt, John Howie, and Daniel Schnopp-Wyatt. 2004 Appalachian Studies Association Conference.

The Chaotic Nature of Chaos Theory. Chad Webb & Daniel Schnopp-Wyatt. 2003 Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and the Life Sciences Conference.

Sissy-strata: A Short Film and Facilitated Discussion about Patriarchy and Violence in Appalachia. Mandy Fleming, Darrell Riffe, Joshua Salyers, Rebecca Blair, Chad Webb, Shane Newsome, Halley Hammond, Nicole Schnopp-Wyatt, John Howie, and Daniel Schnopp-Wyatt. 2003 Appalachian Studies Association Conference.

Der Ewige Hillbilly: A Short Film and Facilitated Discussion of Pernicious Appalachian Stereotypes. Darrell Riffe, Mandy Fleming, Tara McKenzie, Tom Perry, Joshua Salyers, Karen Wallen, Peggy Davis, John Howie, and Daniel Schnopp-Wyatt. 2002 Appalachian Studies Association Conference.

Sweet Home Chicago: How to Pass an Ordinance Banning Tobacco and Alcohol Billboards When You Have the Data but They Have the Money. Diana Hackbarth, Barbara Silvestri, Daniel Schnopp-Wyatt, & Janet Williams. American Public Health Association Annual Meeting. November 18, 1998.

There Oughta' Be a Law: Geographic Placement of Alcohol and Tobacco Billboards in Chicago. Diana Hackbarth, Daniel Schnopp-Wyatt, and David Katz. American Public Health Association Annual Meeting. November 17, 1998.

Solving Community Problems: Perspectives from Police, Policy Makers, and

Community Psychology. Richard Katz, Leonard Jason, Daniel Schnopp-Wyatt, Jennifer Vavra, Susan McMahon, Buzz Talbot, and Pam Durkoop. Midwest Psychological Association Conference. May 1, 1998.

Public Policy and Prevention: Obstacles to Creating Social Change. Richard Katz, Leonard Jason, Susan McMahon, Daniel Schnopp-Wyatt, and Jennifer Vavra. Eco-Community Conference. October 18, 1997.

Community Mobilization for Public Policy Change: A Think Tank. Joan Leigh, Lois Suchomski, Richard Booze, Sue Thau, Ani Russell, & Daniel Schnopp-Wyatt. 1997 DASA Prevention Conference. April 2, 1997

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Sex Education and Life Goals of Sexually Mature Adolescents. Yolanda Saurez, Daniel Schnopp-Wyatt, Anita Jayaraj & Kathryn McGlinchey. Fifth Biennial Conference on Community Research and Action. June 16, 1995.

Behavioral Strategies to Deal with Youth Access to Tobacco within a Legislative Framework. William Billows & Daniel Schnopp-Wyatt. Second Annual Applied Psychology Conference. February 10, 1995.

Tobacco Access Laws; A History of Small Wins. William Billows & Daniel Schnopp-Wyatt. Eco-Community Conference. October 15, 1994.

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Community Psychology, Chaos Theory & Energy Levels. John Holden, Daniel Schnopp-Wyatt & Leonard Jason. Midwestern Psychological Association Conference. May 5, 1994.

Public Policy or Community Interventions: Where Should Our Priorities Lie? Mary Stockton, Daniel Schnopp-Wyatt, & Susan Dvorak-McMahon. Eco-Community Conference. October 23, 1993.



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