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The Writing in the Core Initiative
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The Writing in the Core Initiative

Writing in the Core Initiative

 This Initiative has two major parts: 

  • Faculty Development
    • WAC Lunches:  This is a monthly program where all teachers on campus are encouraged to come to discuss the topic of that specific lunch meeting.  Faculty are also encouraged to use this time to bring up any issues they may have with writing (or lack thereof) in their courses.  Attendees get a free lunch in the cafeteria for their participation in this program.
    • WAC Teaching Circle: Faculty who are Writing-Intensive certified are encouraged to attend this monthly program, but it is open to all interested teachers on campus. In this program one faculty member's work in a WI course is highlighted, and then the rest of the 50 minute meeting is spent discussing the WAC issues brought up by that faculty member, as well as concerns that WI  faculty bring to the meeting about their past, current, or future WAC courses.
  • The Revision of General Education
    • Both a Horizontal and Vertical Model: Our new general education model required every ESLO for the college to be fulfilled at the core, intermediate and mastery level for a student to successfully complete their general education requirements.  One of those ESLOs is in communication, in this way, all of our students have to take courses throughout their time at the college that require students to write at the core, intermediate and mastery level. 
    • High Impact Practices Requirement: A requirement of the revised general education was that every course approved to be included in general education had to use at least one high impact learning practice (HIP).  These included undergraduate research, services learning, writing-intensive, as well as a host of other options.  Because of the ease of having a course being writing intensive versus many of the other options, faculty overwhelmingly used the writing intensive option for their proposed general education courses. This meant that students were being challenged to do even more writing in all of their general education courses, not just the ones tagged for the communication ESLO.
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