Course Delivery

Courses are delivered in a monthly, face-to-face format. Online resources and activities are used to bridge monthly classroom meetings and maintain momentum and continuity of learning. Internship and dissertation hours are facilitated via online meetings, with face-to-face meetings at the discretion of the instructor or dissertation chair. The CES program offers a four year sequence (three years of coursework followed by one year of dissertation and internship). All core and research courses are offered at the A.P. White campus in Columbia, KY.

Course Sequence

Students take 2 classes each semester over a period of four years. Students participate in classes on Friday and Saturday once per month, in addition to online components designed to bridge between face-to-face meetings.

Anticipated Course
Fall 2016 CES 7003 - Foundations of Counselor Education & Supervision
CES 7113 - Instructional Technology in Counselor Education and Supervision
Spring 2017 CES 7013 - Advanced Counseling Theories
CES 7123 - Course Development and Assessment
Summer 2017 CES 7023 -Advanced Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis
CES 7133 - Instructional Strategies and Course Management
Fall 2017 CES 9013 - Professional Writing, Publication and Presentations in Counselor Education & Supervision
CES 7323 - Leadership and Administration in Counselor Education
Spring 2018 CES 9023 - Research Design and Project Development
CES 7333 - Institutional Research, Program Evaluation, and Outcomes Assessment in Higher Education
Summer 2018 CES 9033 - Psychometric Theory and Measurement Design
CES 7313 - Clinical Supervision and Consultation
Fall 2018 CES 9043 - Quantitative Method and Multivariate Analysis
CES 7223 - Leadership and Professional Advocacy Planning in Counseling
Spring 2019 CES 9053 - Qualitative Method and Design
CES 7213 - Administration and Management of Mental Health Programs
Summer 2019 CES 8003 - Advanced Practicum
CES 7233 - Grant Writing
Comprehensive Exam
Fall 2019 CES 8013 - Internship
CES 9003 - Dissertation Research: Dissertation Hours
Proposal Defense
Spring 2020 CES 8013 - Internship
CES 9003 - Dissertation Research: Dissertation Hours
Summer 2020 8013 - Internship
CES 9003 - Dissertation Research: Dissertation Hours
Dissertation Defense