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The Lyceum

At Lindsey Wilson College


A Gathering of Ideas

Dr. Tip H. Shanklin, Facilitator
Associate Professor of English
Lindsey Wilson College
Columbia, Kentucky

The Lyceum at Lindsey Wilson College provides a special opportunity for students to enhance their undergraduate experience through reflection and discussion of significant and intriguing topics and questions that perhaps they have not encountered in their classes. The Lyceum meets three times both in the fall and spring semesters.* The initial discussion meeting each semester (September and February) will be focused and guided. Thereafter, the Lyceum students themselves will have the opportunity to formulate discussion and reflection topics and ideas for the two successive semester gatherings. Some of the possible topics and questions may include: Has democratization and homogeneity enhanced or damaged American culture and education? What qualities make for an enduring work of art? Are liberty and liberal arts things of the past? What is the difference between the Classical virtues and postmodern values? Is there a "human" nature?

The Lyceum facilitator is Dr. Tip H. Shanklin, Associate Professor of English, who has twenty years of college teaching experience in literature and the humanities. Dr. Shanklin joined the Lindsey Wilson College faculty in 1998 and received the Teacher of the Year award from the LWC Student Government Association for the 2001-2002 academic year.

*Discussions will be scheduled on the first Wednesday in September, October, and November in the fall semester; February, March, and April in the spring semester. Space is limited to eight to ten students who are in their sophomore, junior, or senior year. To become a part of The Lyceum, contact Dr. Shanklin at 270-384-8085 or

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