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Undergraduate Programs
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Undergraduate Programs

Lindsey Wilson offers associate degrees which typically require the completion of 60 semester hours of academic coursework and baccalaureate degrees which normally require completion of 120 semeter hours of graduates.jpgacademic credit. Lindsey Wilson offers B.A. degrees and a BS degree in Nursing.

All degree programs require students to complete general education courses which enhance communication and critical thinking skills , develop a breadth of knowledge across disciplines and a major which provides a depth of knowledge in one discipline.

General education courses focus on developing skills and knowledge that are important in all disciplines and which will provide a foundation for all your college work.  The focus in general education on the ability to read, write, communicate, think crticially, relate to others and understand the place and time in which you live is crtical for you as a educated person Such skills and knowledge are also important to graduate schools, professional schools and prospective employers.  

Students who need additional work in developing college level skills may be required to take skill building courses.

The courses required for each AA, BA or BS degree is shown on the major program's webpage.  



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