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Media Studies

The mission of the Lindsey Wilson College Media Studies Program is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to critically evaluate, create, and distribute information for mass audiences, and to develop effective and responsible communicators who contribute in productive and positive ways to society.

The media is an integral part of American culture and a critical component of a Democratic society. With rapid advances in digital communication and the subsequent Information Age, students must possess effective knowledge and skills to create, distribute, and critically evaluate information for mass audiences.  This requires an innovative and integrative curricular approach. mediastudies-1The Media Studies Program at Lindsey Wilson College prepares students for responsible roles within the professional media environment and helps them meet the challenges of the future. Students learn through critical thinking and experiential learning how to apply theories and skills in the world of professional media. The Media Studies program also offers a strong practicum and internship component designed to build real-world experience and professional portfolios.

The program offers emphases in the following areas:

  • Journalism
  • Public Relations
  • Media Arts 


Program Distinctions

The Media Studies Program at Lindsey Wilson College is a unique experience designed to fulfill the personal and professional needs of students. Unlike some academic environments where students may find themselves lost and forgotten within a large department, those studying journalism, public relations, and media arts at LWC receive individual attention and specialized instruction needed to succeed in the contemporary media environment. A special emphasis is placed on the practical application of writing, photography, and media design.  Students also have an opportunity to gain experience and build a portfolio with the student newspaper, online news magazine, actual public relations campaigns, and Orpheus, the campus literary journal. In addition, students participate in professional internships.

Why choose Media Studies?

Careers in journalism, public relations, and the media arts are undergoing an exciting change as the delivery of information moves almost exclusively into the Digital Age. As jobs in the traditional media are phased out, new and different opportunities are emerging. Students with a degree in Media Studies can expect a wide variety of jobs in the professional arena. The strength of the degree lies in its flexibility in the contemporary job market. A degree in Media Studies can also provide an excellent foundation for graduate studies.


The emphasis in journalism is designed for students pursuing careers in print, online, and broadcast journalism or with specialized roles in public relations, business communication, marketing and promotion, and advertising. The curriculum focuses on knowledge and skills in writing, reporting, editing, interviewing, photojournalism, and media design.

Public Relations

This emphasis is designed for students seeking careers in public relations, business communication, marketing and promotion, fundraising, and advertising. The curriculum stresses an integrated approach, building knowledge and skills in written, oral, visual, and multimedia communication.

Media Arts

This emphasis is recommended for students interested in assuming creative art-oriented roles in print, online, and broadcast journalism, public relations, business communication, marketing and promotion, and advertising. The curriculum features a strong interdisciplinary approach, integrating the disciplines of journalism, communication and art.

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