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Political Science

The Political Science program at Lindsey Wilson College will enable students to understand the philosophy of structure of the United States Constitution and Government with particular emphasis on how it protects liberty and deters tyranny.

The Political Science major is designed to equip students with a broad understanding of the political world. The program emphasizes American Politics, International Politics, and Political Philosophy. Courses of study include: Congress; the student-in-frankfort.JPGPresidency; Constitutional Law; and Criminal Law; the Politics of the Middle East; the Politics of the Soviet Union and Russia; Terrorism; Public Policy; and various Political Philosophy courses from Classical to Modern.

Program Distinctions

The Political Science major also allows students the opportunity to spend a semester taking classes and working in Washington D.C. In the past students have worked for the Smithsonian, the United States Supreme Court, and the United States Department of Justice.

Students can also spend a semester in Frankfort taking classes and working for the Kentucky Legislature as a legislative aide. Students can also participate in the Lindsey Wilson College Honors Program, the College's student government program, various political clubs on campus, and in the Model Arab League.

Why choose Political Science?

Political science majors examine world events from a variety of perspectives. Because many voters often make decisions in the heat of the moment, students learn to research the context in which governments have thrived or failed in their missions to advance particular social agendas.

Students often concentrate on a specific area of politics, like international relations or local government. Very few politicians understand all the issues facing their constituents. Therefore, they rely on teams of expert analysts and consultants to fill in the gaps of their election platforms. Focusing on these specializations helps students to build a track record of research and understanding that will allow them to achieve expert status in their fields.

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