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Course Descriptions


1003 -- Introduction to Women's Studies -- 3 credit hours
An introduction to the subject matter and methods of the discipline of Women's Studies.  Introduces the idea of gender as a cultural phenomenon that shapes all aspects of women and men's lives.  Also explores issues at the center of women's experiences such as health, sexuality, work, family, education, and violence.  Particular attention is paid to the multiplicity of women's identities and the interconnectedness of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, class, and sexuality.  Course rotation: Fall.

2103 -- Women in Global Perspective -- 3 credit hours
Explores the cultural constructions and implications of gender in various global regions by analyzing experiences of women around the world from a feminist perspective.  Also examines how women's movements across the globe practice the desire for social justice.  Course rotation: Spring.

3803 -- Special Topics -- 3 credit hours
Examines the depth and diversity of Women's Studies that may fall outside the range of listed courses.  Special Topics will be offered on an irregular basis, and topics will vary according to instructor.  Prerequisite: WS 1003.

4003 -- Women & Violence -- 3 credit hours
A capstone course that provides students an in-depth exploration of the cultural constructions and implications of gender by examining various forms of violence against women from a feminist perspective, sensitive to inequalities that produce a climate of violence.  Particular attention is paid to how violence against women intersects with other issues central to women's identities and experiences, including race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, religion, nationality, health, family, work, and education.  Students also study diverse activist strategies for combating violence against women and engage in a substantive research project with a service-learning component.  Prerequisites: ENGL 1023, WS 1003, and WS 2103.  Course rotation: Spring.


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