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February 27, 2014

Alumni Council Meeting Minutes

September 27, 2013


Randy Burns
Jasmine Hammond
Allysa Gooden
Denise Fudge
Jerald Bryant
Gary Franklin
Gary Lane
Ben Burr
Carrie Farris
Robert Brock
Amy Thompson-Wells
Bonnie Greenawalt

I. Welcome and Opening Prayer

II. Approval of Minutes from last meeting (Sept. 27, 2013), Ben Burr motioned to approve, seconded by Gary Franklin.

III. Informational Items

A.   Introduction of Carrie Farris as new President of the Alumni Association for one year term.
B.   Blue Raider Travel Club Update
a.   New York (July 9-13). Those attending will fly out of Nashville. A bus will leave from LWC to transport those from the area who do not wish to drive to Nashville. The trip includes a bus tour of NYC, a performance of Phantom of the Opera, and an additional option of attending a Mets game. Accommodations are at the Sheraton Times Square. Those who live near another airport and would rather fly from there may contact the travel agent to change flight arrangements. 
C.   Golden Alumni Society Update
a.   Class of '64 event in May
i.   Ten people have confirmed their participation. Another four are possible. 
D.   Area Alumni Events
a.   Louisville, Bowling Green, Nashville
E.   Alumni Support Update (706 alumni gifts as of today is +222 ytd)
a.   The most alumni gifts ever received are 970. It is encouraging to see so many gifts at this point in the year. 
F. LWC Founders Day - April 24
a. Speaker - LWC Alumnus Bruce Harris 
G. Alumni and Friends Walkway Scholarship Update
a. Amount in the scholarship fund - $20,445.25 (as of today)
i. President Farris would like to see the scholarship reach $30,000 as soon as possible so that we are able to award a larger scholarship. 
b. Selection process of scholarship recipient for 2015 school year
i. Advertise immediately
ii. Essays due by April 1, 2014. 
iii. Nominating Committee will meet in person or via email to select finalists. Essays will be distributed to the council a week prior to our next meeting.
iv. Amy Thompson- Wells made a motion that we continue giving two $500 scholarships rather than one $1000 scholarship. Gary Lane seconded. 
v. The scholarship recipients will be honored at the Homecoming Awards luncheon. We hope this will aid in helping the students understand the importance of their partipation after graduation, but we also hope to raise awareness for the Alumni and Friends Walkway Scholarship in an effort to raise the amount in the fund.  
H. SARC Representative - Wendy Price '15
I. Guest Administrator - Robert Brock, Assistant Professor of Theater
a. Mr. Brock shared about the rapid growth of the theatre program at LWC. Recently he was able to purchase items from the now defunct Kentucky Repertory Theatre. The props, costumes and other items now have the program well equipped to put on more high quality performances. Erica Finley, a theatre major, has written a play called "Angels My Father Sent" which will be performed this spring. Mr. Brock has entered it in the National College Theatre Festival. The winner of the competition as the privilege of performing at the Kennedy Center. The theatre program will also host TheatreFest again this year. This program allows children and adults in the community to take part in performances. Randy and Mr. Brock are working on a "Friends of LW Theatre" donor program. Mr. Brock is proud of the rapid growth of the program. In order to continue growing and adding to this already wonderful program though, hes going to need his own performing arts building!  
J. Future Alumni Council Meetings
a. April 24 at 4:00 pm in the Clark Reading Room of the Katie Murrell Library
b. Mid-summer meeting is July 15 at noon at William T's. We will discuss Homecoming Award nominations.
c. September 13 at 2:30 pm in the Clark Reading Room of the Katie Murrell Library
IV. Old Business

A. Alma Mater Competition
B. Alumni Cookbook (Online edition)
a. Allysa Gooden will begin working on a Facebook group for LW to come together and share recipes. Should we see interest there, or additional interest from alums without a Facebook account, Anthony Moore from information systems will create an online submission page. From those submissions we can create a document to be uploaded to the LW Alumni Affairs page. 
V. New Business

A. How can we grow the Walkway Endowment in order to be able to offer a substantial scholarship each year?
a. The council discussed setting up a table on the walkway during homecoming. A SARC student can man the table and share information with interested alums. 
b. a list of new bricks can be added to the Annual Report to advertise the walkway and promote involvement. 
VI. Adjournment

A. Gary Lane made a motion to adjourn which was seconded by Bonnie Greenawalt. 
Submitted by: Allysa Gooden, secretary. 



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