LWC - Wesley Scholars Application Form

This form will be used to help us for scheduling students' appointments to the Wesley Scholars Program.

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Checklist for Application:

1. Application to Wesley Scholars program including attached essay to Dr. Terry Swan, 210 Lindsey Wilson Street, Columbia KY 42728
2. Apply to LWC through the admissions Office. They will guide you through the admissions process.
3. Submit Free Application for Federal Student Aid to LWC Admissions.
4. Submit a letter of two references 1) Pastor/Youth Minister and 2 ) teacher to Dr. Swan.
5. Plan to attend the Wesley Scholars Day at LWC as part of the talent Showcase scheduled for March 25th, 2017.
6. Watch the Youtube or Facebook videos on LWC Spiritual Life and Wesley Scholars program.
7. If all possible, plan to visit the LWC Campus before Wesley Scholars Day and meet the religion faculty and staff. You can schedule a visit by sending an email to swant@lindsey.edu.

Describe your Spiritual Story:

What do you believe are the most urgent needs in the world right now?

How do you believe the church can help change the world?

If you have any questions, please contact

Dr. Terry Swan.
Phone: 270-384-8148
E-Mail: swant@lindsey.edu