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Crane is board chair of National Association of Play Therapy
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LWC Professor Jodi Crane is board chair of the Association for Play Therapy

Posted on Tuesday, February 28, 2017 [11:26 AM]

Lindsey Wilson College Professor of Human Services and Counseling Jodi Crane is currently serving the 2016-17 term as board chair of the Association for Play Therapy. 

Crane is no stranger to play therapy. She has held many different roles with the Association for Play Therapy (APT) and has been an advocate for play therapy within the college and university system for years.

"When my family and I first moved to Kentucky I got involved in the state branch of play therapy," said Crane. "I eventually became president of KAPT (Kentucky Associations for Play Therapy) and I did that for four years. Then when I finished, I moved on to serving on several committees of APT. Bill Burns, the CEO of APT, encouraged me to run for the board. I joined the board in 2012. I was a member for three years and then re-elected. I was chair-elect for a year and now I'm board chair."
Crane's involvement in counseling and play therapy came from her passion in working with and helping children.

"I knew in college that I wanted to work with children," said Crane. "I considered becoming a pediatrician and also a child psychiatrist. But ultimately I went the psychology route and then entered into a marriage and family therapy program for my masters. That program was a great foundation for me but still didn't give me enough skills to work with children the way I wanted to."

Crane continued her education by entering a doctoral program at the University of North Texas and while there she discovered play therapy by accident.

"I stumbled upon an article about play therapy and it just made such intuitive sense to me based on my background with children," said Crane. "I found out that UNT (University of North Texas) had the biggest play therapy training program and the rest is history."

Crane enjoys using creative techniques to teach play therapy in her classes at LWC.

"In my creative counseling class students get introduced to play therapy and those techniques," said Crane. "But they also get introduced to all forms of the creative arts including poetry, drama, music and photography therapy. I love doing creative things in the classroom."

Crane is encouraged by what she sees in the field of play therapy and has high hopes for the future.

"One of my professional goals for the future of play therapy is to continue to get more people to be aware that it exists," said Crane. 'It's the most developmentally appropriate form of therapy for kids."

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