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Lindsey Wilson College Holds 20th Scholars Day
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Lindsey Wilson College Holds 20th Scholars Day

Posted on Friday, February 17, 2017 [12:23 PM]

Scholars Day 2917


Isaac Humphrey (left) and his mother talk to LWC Professor of History David Moore in Biggers Sports Center during the Academic Program Fair portion of Scholars Day 2017 held  Saturday. Humphrey, a high school senior from Paducah, Ky., was one of over 90 students attending Scholars Day with hopes of receiving the Begley Scholarship.


COLUMBIA, Ky. -- Lindsey Wilson College held its 20th Scholars Day on Saturday, February 4. The Begley Scholars program,

named after LWC's 6th President John B. Begley, was launched in 1997 and is to this day the most prestigious scholarship awarded by the college. The three incoming freshmen that receive the scholarship are granted full tuition, room and board for their four years at Lindsey Wilson College. Trips to Hemingway's "Great American Cities", research projects and a multitude of other activities also encompass the Begley Scholar experience.

More than 90 high school seniors and their family members -- who were from throughout Kentucky and the region -- came to LWC's A.P. White CampusSaturday for the annual Scholars Day.

The candidates spent the morning interviewing with panels made up of LWC professors, staff, students and alumni. Parents learned more about Lindsey Wilson College in their own session and all of the candidates took part in ice-breaker games to get to know one another. After the morning sessions, the annual Scholars Luncheon took place in the Roberta D. Cranmer Dining & Conference Center where students heard from current Begley Scholar Lane Thompson and LWC alumnus John Brown from the class of 2013.

"At first Lindsey Wilson was not somewhere I really wanted to be," said current Begley Scholar Lane Thompson. "I wanted to go to a big school where I could be comfortable being just a number. But after being convinced by my admissions counselor to try out for the Begley and attending Scholars Day my whole viewpoint changed."

Thompson, who is from Center, Ky., said that without LWC, there are many opportunities he would have missed out on.

"Over my past three years here, I have been educated by world class professors, made life-long friends, and experienced countless moments that would not be possible without LWC and the Begley Scholarship."

John Brown, 2013 alumnus of LWC and Clinton County native, also spoke to those in attendance at the luncheon. Brown is just a few months away from receiving his doctorate in pharmacy and MBA at the University of Kentucky. Although Brown competed for the Begley Scholarship, he was never awarded one during his time at LWC. Brown said that being away from Lindsey Wilson for four years after graduation has given him a clearer perspective on what his time on the hill meant.

  "Lindsey Wilson is a phenomenal institution," said Brown. "I believe that this is one of the greatest collegiate families that exists within this nation. There is truly a place for any willing student to find your niche' here at Lindsey Wilson College."

Brown said that his education at LWC prepared him for graduate school.

"I was able to develop a passion for biological and chemical sciences," said Brown. "I have absolutely no reservation in saying that the instruction provided by professors at LWC was of equal and very likely greater quality than any I have received since."

Later this spring, three high school seniors who attended Saturday's invitation-only event will be named John B. Begley Scholars, LWC's most prestigious scholarship.

Traci Pooler, Dean of Admissions at LWC, told the students and parents at the luncheon that it's not only the Begley Scholars at LWC that do great things.

"For every Begley Scholar accomplishment I can name ten other accomplishments of people that were never named Begley Scholars", said Pooler. "So I hope that what you take home today is that Begley Scholarship or not, you can receive a top-notch world class education at Lindsey Wilson."


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