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Nursing Ceremony February 2012
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29 Nursing Students Honored at ‘Ceremony of Blessing & Transition’

Posted on Saturday, February 04, 2012 [10:33 PM]

(Click here to see more pictures from the ceremony.)

COLUMBIA, Ky. -- Lindsey Wilson College honored 29 students Saturday who took the next step toward becoming nurses.

The college held a "Bachelor of Science Nursing Student Ceremony of Blessing & Transition" ceremony in V.P. Henry Auditorium. The 29 students recognized at the ceremony had completed much of their classroom and campus work; through Saturday's rite of passage, they were symbolically sent into the professional world to work with patients in clinical settings.

The 29 second-year nursing students are on track to graduate with a bachelor of science degree in nursing in May 2014.

"This is a time for us to gather to recognize a rite of passage, to recognize a milestone in a journey of education," said Marian Smith, interim director of the LWC nursing program. "They are beginning the journey to become a BSN nurse. … We have some of the very best nursing students in Kentucky right now."

To underscore the college's affiliation with the Kentucky Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church, LWC Assistant Chaplain blessed the students' hands.

"Soon your hands will be doing something new -- they will take care of patients as you work in the role of a student nurse," said LWC nursing faculty member Elle Adams. "There is nothing simple about what you will be doing, but we are confident that healing and comfort will be possible through your hands."

Following the blessing of the hands, the students were given a  white laboratory coat to wear at the clinical settings. The coats were donated by Dr. Phil Aaron of Columbia.

Aaron told the students that by wearing a white laboratory coat, they were assuming a position of authority in society.

"If you see someone in a white coat, you know that they are in charge," Aaron said in remarks to the students. "As a nurse, wearing a white coat, you're automatically put in a position of authority."

Aaron challenged the students to be involved causes and crusades in the profession of medicine

"You have a wonderful opportunity to show compassion to our patients," he said.

Aaron also reminded the students not to forget "the routine things."

"Do the preventive care to keep people alive," he said.

The students honored at the ceremony were:

Rebecca Abner of Columbia;
Daniel Caluag of Columbia;
Stephanie Caluag of Columbia;
Alicia Colon of Columbia;
Michele Coomer of Glens Fork;
Reagan Deaton of Greensburg, Ky.;
Brittany Grant of Glasgow, Ky.;
Hillary Hutchinson of Columbia;
Morgan Jackson of Manchester, Ky.;
Megan Keltner of Columbia;
Megan Laster of Elkton, Ky.;
Heather Loy of Columbia;
Kelli Mann of Columbia;
Susana Salvador-Meda of Marriottsville, Md.;
Angela Mlachnik of Muskego, Wis.;
Megan Moody of Somerset, Ky.;
Shawna Noe of Cawood, Ky.;
Megan Peake of Elkhorn, Ky.;
Rachel Ray of White Mills, Ky;.
Ashley Reliford of Columbia;
Shelby Robertson of Columbia;
Tyler Scott of Tompkinsville, Ky.;
Chase Simpson of Bardstown, Ky.;
Kisha Tarter of Russell Springs, Ky.;
Debbbie Taylor of Nicholasville, Ky.;
Patricia Tupman of Columbia;
Rachel Vincent of Slaughters, Ky.;
Ashley Wiser of Somerset, Ky.;
and Logan Wetzel of Owensboro, Ky.

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Click here to see more pictures from the ceremony. 

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