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Local Pastoral School -- June 2014
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Future Leaders of The United Methodist Church Attend Weeklong School

Posted on Thursday, June 12, 2014 [9:38 PM]

Local Pastoral School 2014

-- The future of The United Methodist Church is filled with enthusiasm and energy. That was one of the feelings an observer took away from this year's United Methodist License for Pastoral Ministry School, held June 1-7 at Lindsey Wilson College.

The school -- sponsored by the Kentucky Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church -- certifies laypersons to present sacraments in their assigned United Methodist churches. For some of the students, the school will enable them to have expanded responsibilities in their home church; for other students, the school is a step on eventually becoming pastor of a church. Students spent nearly 12 hours a day in classes and worship services.

Rhoda Raglin of Georgetown, Ky., was one of the 49 students at this year's school. She said attended the school because it's "been in the back of my mind since I joined the United Methodist Church in 2006."

Raglin said attending the school "helped me continue what's been a great path and journey."

Raglin said she also liked attending the school because it was held on a college campus "that is quiet and a good place for reflection."

"I really like the location of the school," she said. "The teachers were great, and this place was a good place to process what I wanted to accomplish."

The Rev. John W. Hatton of Mayo Memorial United Methodist Church in Paintsville, Ky., directed the school with three other United Methodist leaders.

Hatton, who has been involved with the school for the last six years, said the school provides a good glimpse into the future of The United Methodist Church.

"I think there is a joy and excitement in that many of the students have felt a call to the ministry," he said. "And this is often one of the first big steps for many of them."

The Rev. Debra Massengale said the License for Pastoral Ministry School also fills a vital need in the church.

"The reality is we could not have United Methodism as we know it today without our local pastors," said Massengale, who is ministry consultant for the Prestonsburg District. "We would be a very small denomination without them."

Massengale also said it was exciting to meet more than four dozen people from Kentucky and Tennessee, many of whom took off from work in order to attend the school's often grueling 12-hour days.

"The enthusiasm they all feel about it it what's so exciting," she said.

Hatton said the excitement of the school was also palatable to him.

"I'm seeing the next generation of leaders here being birthed in the first of the (Holy Spirit)," he said. "That's exciting and gives me a lot of hope."



The school included, alphabetically, students: Perry Alexander of Cadiz, Ky.; Sharon Bailey of Louisville, Ky.; David Bannister of Cadiz, Ky.; David Bardin of Wilmore, Ky.; Chris Basil of Lexington, Ky.; Nathan Boils of Albany, Ky.; Dea Brandon of Owensboro, Ky.; Teddy Brock of Bledsoe, Ky.; Tyler Brumfield of Louisville, Ky.; Jeremy Buchanan of Lexington, Ky.

George Burke of Louisville, Ky.; Shirley Burke of Louisville, Ky.; Chrysanthia Carr-Seals of Lexington, Ky.; Regina Cornelius of Taylor Mill, Ky.; Dennis Cotton of Madisonville, Ky.; Terry Ray Cunningham II of Lexington, Ky.; Nathan Davis of Columbia; Jeremy Easley of Hopkinsville, Ky.; Chad Foster of Wilmore, Ky.; Peter Fullwood of Owensboro, Ky.

Chris Godbey of Bardstown, Ky.; Laura Green of Louisville, Ky.; Adam Gulley of Mayslick, Ky.; Troy Hahn of California, Ky.; Paul Hammond of Berry, Ky.; Jeffrey Jackson of Cynthiana, Ky.; Brad Johnson of Wilmore, Ky.; David Keyworth of Wilmore, Ky.; Mignelis Lazcano of Lexington, Ky.; Joyce Lighari of Kingston Springs, Tenn.

Rodney Eugene Mason of Georgetown, Ky.; Samuel McConkey of Fort Thomas, Ky.; Yosvany Pereira of Elizabethtown, Ky.; Jared Pomeroy of Wilmore, Ky.; Eugene Quek of Wilmore, Ky.; Rhoda Raglin of Georgetown, Ky.; Megan Reed of Cynthiana, Ky.; Richard Robbins of Louisville, Ky.; Maikel Rojas Perez of Frankfort, Ky.; Elad Shapira of Mackville, Ky.

Charles Shroll of Greenup, Ky.; Christopher Sparks of Louisville, Ky.; Johnathan Strange of Wilmore, Ky.; Josiah Stuhmer of Wilmore, Ky.; Barney Taylor of Columbia; Steve Traynham of Louisville, Ky.; Mack Wells of Louisville, Ky.; Caleb Wheat of Pikeville, Ky.; Nadine Woodard of Louisville, Ky.

The faculty: Rev. Kevin Burney of Louisville, Ky.; Rev. Brian Ebel of Louisville, Ky. Rev. John W. Hatton of Paintsville, Ky.; and Rev. Debra Massengale of Prestonsburg, Ky.

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