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Expectation of Writing Intensive Faculty

Expectation of Writing Intensive Faculty

 Writing Intensive (WI) faculty are those teachers at Lindsey Wilson College who have completed the writing intensive training and have taught or are teaching a writing intensive course.  In the classroom writing intensive faculty are expected to:

  • Give appropriate feedback, guided by WAC principles, to student writing

                 (using both criterion-based and reader-based feedback)

  • Use writing conventions from the field to which they belong
  • Use writing-to-learn strategies in the classroom
  • Maintain impartiality in the grading of student writing
  • Have students write a minimum of 3500 written words.  This can consist of polished prose, journals or responses, in class writing, and writing-to-learn exercises.  The writing must be original, and therefore the words of a draft and that of the final paper cannot both be counted.
  • Require students to revise at least one assignment
  • Design student writing assignments that are rooted in the genres from their field.
  • Help students to understand writing is a process and writing is situational
  • Encourage students to work with the assigned writing fellow (when a writing fellow is assigned)
  • Support and guide their writing fellow (when a writing fellow is assigned)

 Outside of the classroom WI faculty need to:

  • Attend all WI faculty meetings
  • Attend the Writing Fellow/WI Faculty Dinner
  • Email the syllabus for their WI course to the Lindsey Writes Director two weeks before the beginning of the WI course
  • Complete all required SLO assessments (ensure students upload their documents, evaluate signature assignments  (using the AAC&U rubric) and all program assessments (course narratives)
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