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Expectations of Writing Fellows

Expectations of Writing Fellows

Writing Fellows (WF) are undergraduate students at Lindsey Wilson College who work as a peer writing consultant for a specific WI course.  Fellows must complete a 1 credit course preparing them to become specialized peer writing consultant, have taken the course they are going to fellow previously or have the necessary content knowledge (asdeemed by the WI faculty member), and must be in good academic standing at the college.  Fellows are expected to:

  • Work with students on writing assignments assigned by the WI faculty member
    • Meet with student individually or in small groups to work with students on drafts of assignments
  • Give students written feedback on drafts of assignments
  • Facilitate in-class peer review and writing workshops on topics such as: writing conventions of their field, citation and documentation in their field, and the writing process.           
  • Fellow applications will be due two weeks before the end of the term and fellows will be selected that term before the Friday previous to graduation.
  • Give appropriate feedback, guided by WAC principles, to student writing from their assigned WI course with the understanding that writing feedback is most effective when:
    • The writer wants to know his/her reader's experience
    • Reader and writer engage themselves equally in the conversation
    • The writer retains authority over the work
    • The writer's rhetorical choices are discussed as well as conventions and criteria
    • Conversation touches on the writer's process, not just on the end product
    • The fellow asks questions rather than only giving answers
    • Writers prioritize global concerns over local concerns
    • Everyone involved understands that "no one writes alone"
    • Understand the genre conventions of the discipline of the course in which they are a fellow
    • Act as a resource on the genre conventions of a specific discipline for students in their WI course
    • Help students to understand writing is a process and writing is situational
    • Regularly meet with their WI faculty member
    • Attend writing fellow meetings that are held biweekly
    • Support the WI faculty with the student writing for the specific course to which they are assigned
    • Beginning is Fall 2013 all WI students will have to meet at least once with their writing fellow.  This will be facilitated by using a "Session Prep Form."  This form is to be filled out by the student before they meet with their writing fellow, and it will help guide the discussion the fellow and WI student have about the work the writing assignments the student is working on in the course.  See the form attached below.  This form will be piloted in April 2013.







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