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View Traci Pooler's profile...
Traci Pooler
Dean of Admissions
R.B. Fenley Building (Admissions)
(270) 384-8100

Traci's areas of responsibility in the Admissions Office:

  • supervising the Director of Admissions and the Director of the AIM/Evening Program
  • recruitment for Adair and Russell Counties

Traci has been with Lindsey Wilson College as an employee for 17 years. Helping young people is a passion for her. Lindsey Wilson is a part of her and her family; She is a graduate of and an advocate for this institution. She ...

View Charity Milby Ferguson's profile...
Charity Milby Ferguson
Director of Admissions
R.B. Fenley Building (Admissions)
(270) 384-8100

Charity's areas of responsibility in the Admissions Office:

  • supervising Admissions Counselors
  • recruitment in South-Central Kentucky

Charity has been a member of the Admissions staff at Lindsey Wilson College since 2001 and she couldn't imagine life any other way. After graduating from Lindsey Wilson in 2001, Charity decided that she wanted to give back to the college that gave her so much as a student. It ...

View Gina Collins's profile...
Gina Collins
Admissions Counselor & Special Events Coordinator
R.B. Fenley Building (Admissions)
(270) 384-8100

Gina's areas of responsibility in the Admissions Office:

  • recruiting students from outside of Kentucky
  • plans and executes all admissions-related events such as Open Houses and Scholar's Day

Although Gina has only been employed by the college since 2005, Lindsey Wilson College has been a part of her life for since 1992 as her father, Dr. Mark Dunphy, is a professor in the English department. She fondly remember being a young child and ...

View Sara Foos's profile...
Sara Foos
Admissions Counselor
R.B. Fenley Building (Admissions)
(270) 384-8100

Sara's area of responsibility in the Admissions Office:

  • Recruitment in the Western Kentucky region

Sara graduated from Lindsey Wilson College in 2004. A door opened for her in 2007 and she found herself back on campus, this time as an employee. Sara considers herself very blessed to be able to share stories from her college experience with the students that she works with. "My time here helped make me who I am ...

View Regina Haugen's profile...
Regina Haugen
Director of AIM/Evening College
R.B. Fenley Building (Admissions)
(270) 384-8300

Regina's areas of responsibility in the Admissions Office:

A lifelong Kentuckian, Regina has served at LWC since October 2007. As a gradute of the college and its AIM program, she holds both very dear. Regina says that she continues to meet amazing ...

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