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Program Goals


FYE strives to create the smoothest transition and assimilation into Lindsey Wilson College possible for new students.  The goals of FYE reflect the dedication of the program and staff members:

  • To improve the number of first-time, full-time freshmen who complete "Freshman Seminar":
    • To teach students about LWC: its history, purpose, organization, rules and regulations, people, services, resources, and opportunities for student development;
    • To have students use helping resources such as the Katie Murrell Library, Career Services, Academic Success Center tutoring program, the Writing Center and the Math Center;
    • To provide students with additional training, practice, experience and knowledge in: decision-making, goal-setting, planning, study skills, health, wellness and time management;
  • To improve academic success of first-time, full-time freshmen who complete their first year: 
    • to help students learn to balance their freedom with a sense of responsibility;
    • to improve student attitudes toward the teaching-learning process and towards faculty who are responsible for providing this process;
    • to improve relations between faculty and students.
  • To improve the fall-to-fall retention rate of first-time, full-time freshmen:
    • to promote for first-year students a positive adjustment and assimilation into LWC;
    • to involve students in the total life of LWC;
    • to enhance or establish a respect for diversity and tolerance as a member of the LWC family;
    • to help students discover opportunities that LWC offers, each students' place on campus, and how FYE can help students develop their potential.


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