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Arriving at LWC

At the Port of Entry

You will need to present Lindsey Wilson College's I-20 along with your passport, your F-1 visa (inside your passport), and 1-94 (Arrival and Departure card, which is given in the plane.) The I-94 card will not be given any longer and is now on line.  If you forget your I-20, you will be allowed to remain in the U.S. for only 30 days unless your status is corrected and adjudicated.

Some Tips before your departure to the U. S.

  1. Read carefully all of the documents and letters that you have received Airport signfrom Lindsey Wilson College.
  2. If English is not your native language, practice your English.
  3. Make a good budget of planned expenses. Be prepared to pay your tuition and fees upon registration. You can pay the remaining tuition fees by credit card, cash, check, or direct wire deposit. Do not expect to get additional financial aid. The documentation submitted to obtain your I-20 means that the funds are available for you to use for your educational and living expenses. College textbooks are very expensive and may cost you about $400-500 each semester. We recommend that you initially bring at least $100 in cash and $900 in traveler's checks.
  4. Once you arrive in Columbia, we will take you to a local bank to open your new bank account so that your parents will be able to wire additional money to your account, if needed.
  5. Bring warm winter clothes as it gets very cold in winter. Keep in mind that it also gets very hot in the summer.
  6. If you want to send a box before you leave your county, use the following mailing address:

    Lindsey Wilson College  c/o International Office
    210 Lindsey Wilson College
    Columbia, KY 42728, USA.

When to Arrive

For new students who want to visit your friends or relatives in the U.S. before arriving on campus, you may enter the U.S. 30 days prior to the program start date on your I-20, but no later than the date on your I-20. However, you can not start living in on-campus housing until our official moving-in date specified by Lindsey Wilson College.

All new international students must attend New International Student Orientation (August 14 and 15, 2014) before classes start on Wed., August 20, 2014. If you are non-athletes, please plan to arrive at  Nashville International Airport (BNA) in Nashville, TN, on August 13, 2014 before 5:00 PM. If you are a student-athlete, please contact your coach as to when the best arrival date is. Each athletic team has set  practice start dates and your coach may need to pick you up from the airport.


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